Routt County Fair results for Aug. 12, 2013


Dog Show results

Routt County Fairgrounds


Junior Open Showmanship

1 Lauren Hilley

Intermediate Open Showmanship

1 Rachel Rolando

2 Katelyn Ibarra

3 Bailey Singer

Senior Open Showmanship

1 Jewel Vreeman

Novice Junior Showmanship

1 Haley Hockaday

2 Elise Barbier

3 Austin Ibarra

4 Izabell Sanchez

Novice Intermediate Showmanship

1 Mattie Rossi

2 Tristan Singer

3 Miriam Worster

4 Maya

Novice Senior Showmanship

1 Luke Jankoski

2 Allison Pearl

Beginning Novice Obedience 1st year

1 Mattie Rossie

2 Maya

3 Mariam Worster

4 Allison Pearl

5 Luke Jankoski

6 Elise Barbier

7 Haley Hockaday

8 Izabell Sanchez

9 Tristan Singer

Beginning Novice Obedience 2nd year

1 Lauren Hilley

2 Katelyn Ibarra

Novice A Dog Obedience

1 Rachel Rolando

2 Bailey Singer

Pre Graduate Novice A Dog Obedience

1 Jewel Vreeman

Rally Novice A

1 Luke Jankoski

2 Tristan Singer

Rally Off Leash

1 Jewel Vreeman

2 Bailey Singer

3 Rachel Rolando

Horse Show results

Breeding Horse Overall Champion

Halter Classes

(Name, horse, exhibitor number, placing)

Kacie Babcock, Misty, 31, Grand

Rachel Rolando, Scottish Tone, 117, Reserve


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