LiveWell Northwest Colorado encourages use of food-labeling system to promote awareness


Tipping the Scales

Routt County is the skinniest county in the skinniest state. Holmes County ranks among the most obese counties in Mississippi, the most obese state. The Pilot & Today takes a unique look at weight in America, from the skinniest corner to the heaviest.

— Barb Parnell and LiveWell Northwest Colorado have done their own studies to determine that childhood obesity is a growing problem in Routt County. Obesity has gained a percentage point per year in the three years they’ve been collecting data from the county’s three school districts.

In order to combat the issue, they’ve implemented a food-labeling system called “Go, Slow, Whoa.” The labels are used in some area schools so students can be aware of what they’re eating.


Go foods are good to eat almost anytime. They are nutrient dense, higher in fiber AND low in saturated fat and dietary cholesterol. Examples include fruits, vegetables, lean meats, nuts and whole grains.


Slow foods should be eaten several times a week at most. These are foods generally higher in calories, fat and sugar. Examples include pancakes, bagels and dark meat. Children are encouraged to eat these foods less frequently so they can leave room for healthier Go foods.


Whoa foods should be eaten only once in a while or as special treats. They typically are high in saturated fat and dietary cholesterol and, in some cases, sugar. Examples include most fried foods, fatty meats, soda and snack foods.

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