BLM to consider spaying as method to control wild-horse population


— The Bureau of Land Management has no new wild-horse roundups planned for the remainder of this year and, in that lull, will be researching a new population-control measure — the promising but controversial spaying of mares in the field.

The BLM is laying out steps to study what are called ovariectomies. Initially, the agency is seeking input from veterinarians about the best way to conduct field spayings. If those veterinarians give the idea a green light, the BLM would try out the procedure in holding facilities, followed by research in the field, before implementing any widespread program.

"We will be proceeding on this soon. It's a very high priority for us," said Dean Bolstad, the BLM's wild horse and burro senior adviser.

Read more at The Denver Post.


max huppert 3 years, 11 months ago

mix in a little agent orange,, love when Govt want to spray chemical


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