4 men accused of dealing cocaine in Steamboat Springs



Routt County Sheriff's Office/courtesy

Oswaldo Solano Ortiz


Routt County Sheriff's Office/courtesy

Saul Sandoval Angelino


Routt County Sheriff's Office/courtesy

Miguel Sanchez


Routt County Sheriff's Office/courtesy

Julio Herrera

— Four men arrested Monday by the All Crimes Enforcement Team drug task force are suspected of dealing cocaine.

According to Steamboat Springs Police Department Deputy Chief Bob DelValle, the men were arrested after a series of controlled drug buys arranged by ACET. The investigation began in October.

Not many details about the investigation have been released because paperwork related to the arrest warrants have been sealed by a judge.

The four men were advised of their rights in Routt County Court on Tuesday, and each of their bonds was set at $50,000. Even if the men are able to post bond, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has asked that the men be held.

The Routt County District Attorney’s Office has until Friday to file formal charges against the men.

According to Routt County Jail records, Julio J. Herrera, 24, was arrested on suspicion of unlawful distribution of cocaine. Routt County Chief Deputy District Attorney Rusty Prindle said in court Tuesday that he intends to pursue having Herrera declared a special offender, which could enhance a prison sentence, and alleges Herrera dealt more than 4 grams of cocaine.

Prindle said he anticipates filing three distribution charges with three special offender sentence enhancers against Miguel A. Sanchez, 26. He also was arrested on suspicion of money laundering, but Prindle said he was unsure whether he would pursue that charge.

Saul Sandoval Angelino, 37, was arrested on suspicion of a distribution charge and a money laundering charge. Again, Prindle was unsure whether he would pursue the money laundering charge.

Oswaldo Solano Ortiz, 36, was arrested on suspicion of distribution along with the special offender sentence enhancer.

DelValle said it is thought the men know one another, and it is suspected they occasionally worked together in dealing cocaine.

All four of the arrest warrants were served Monday evening and into the night.

DelValle said one of the men was arrested on U.S. Highway 40 while he was driving back from Denver. One of the men was arrested at a restaurant on the south side of Steamboat in the 3100 block of South Lincoln Avenue. The two others were arrested at the Walton Village condominiums.

The Combined Emergency Response Team, which includes Steamboat police officers and Routt County Sheriff’s Office deputies, helped make the arrests.

DelValle said the case still is being investigated. He said at least 1 ounce of cocaine had been recovered during the arrests. One other suspect also is being pursued.

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mark hartless 4 years ago

Don't worry Harry.

They can't get any seriously dangerous weapons here in Colorado anymore; Dianne M Bush fixed that.


cindy constantine 4 years ago

Wrong, Mark---pressure cookers are still on the shelves at Wal-Mart and Ace----


john bailey 4 years ago

cindy, don't forget the trusty iron skillet. weapon of mass dest..... oh . i'll have scrambled eggs ......


jerry carlton 4 years ago

Are they still eligible for a pathway to citizenship? Probably not as they are doing nothing to hold down wages of American citizens.


mark hartless 4 years ago


It IS a joke.

And until we can acknowledge the OBVIOUS similarity between all these criminals there is no point in calling it anything other than one big-assed joke...Ditto for those who think "diversity" isn't also one big-ass joke

"Hold[ing] down wages..." funny...

20 million americans out of work and 20 million illegals in the country... selling them grass instead of cutting their grass...Hmmmmm??

Big-ass joke.

"Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad."


mark hartless 4 years ago

Who exactly is in command here?

The guy buying the cocaine, or the ones importing and selling it?

You white utopians here in Routtopia... you just keep right on telling yourselves that you have complete control of your country...


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