Chris Ricks: Guns and transparency


Newly enacted gun control laws have been at the forefront of our local news and conversation. In an extended effort to give the community a greater understanding on the impact of those forthcoming changes in the law, Sheriff Garrett Wiggins has voiced the view of his office through print media and in several public town hall-type meetings. His transparency in this matter should be commended.

The same cannot be said about our House representative and the other heads of law enforcement in Routt County. Conspicuously absent from this conversation are Diane Mitsch Bush and the three chiefs of police in Routt County. Their presence is important in this debate because of their apparently differing opinions to those of Sheriff Wiggins, as reflected in their decision to support the bills scheduled to become law in July.

Transparency in matters such as these is essential to fully understand the reasoning and ramifications of the actions of our elected and appointed officials. We need to hear from our elected representative and our chiefs of police to properly balance the concerns of their constituency.

Please personally encourage those individuals to provide their public response to this most important community discussion.

Chris Ricks

North Routt


George Krawzoff 2 years, 2 months ago

What does DMB think? Oh, that's a good one Rick. I needed a good laugh. Dianne hasn't had a thought that wasn't the party line in years. Wiggins wants huge sheriff's cars painted intimidating black on black with automatic weapons on display. Transparently Thug. Perfect for a resort community in this day of anti-terror where EVERYBODY has to have an arsenal and a 20 year supply of ammo. I'm glad I'm old. This town is becoming more and more stupid. Just like the nation.


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