Paul Bonnifield: Achieving justice


For some of us, the cold-blooded execution of little children in a school was such a gross injustice that we are compelled to take action. Others are content with the status quo.

I know this: if we choose to do nothing, nothing will be accomplished. The gross injustice will continue unabated.

The first step in achieving justice is deciding take positive action to achieve justice.

We can either do nothing, or we can change the status quo. It is an individual choice, and the decision may save the individual’s life.

Paul Bonnifield



Gary Burkholder 4 years ago

Many people may be surprised to hear me say Paul is right, we need to do something and I believe that the majority of people would agree. What if we had a way to cut school violence and school bullying in half, reduce obesity, and raise test scores by double digits. This may sound to good to be true, but this a quote from Dave Grossman's book,On Killing, where he sites a Stanford University Medical School study. Its done not by more gun laws but by reducing violence in video games,movies and TV. We have laws with penalties for those who give alcohol or tobacco to children. What if we applied the same penalties to film and video game distribution. The industries that are making billions of dollars making this stuff would cut the violence out because it would hurt their profit. If any one argues that violence in film has no effect then please answer why companies are willing to pay millions for a 30 second commercial and why we no longer have tobacco commercials on TV. There have been over a thousand studies on this proving its effectiveness. So instead of calling for ineffective gun laws which divide the country and make lawyers richer, make criminals out of law abiding citizens,drive industry and revenue out of the state and do not fix the problem. Lets do something that helps the undeveloped mind and reduces the violence.


jerry carlton 4 years ago

Gary I agree completely. Will never happen because Hollywood gives millions every year to the liberal politicians .


George Fargo 4 years ago

I agree with Paul, but no one thing is going to cure the problem. If we attack it on all sensible fronts, maybe we have a chance of lesssening this kind of violence. Closing the gun show loophole with background checks is one common sense step to making it harder for criminals and the mentally ill to get guns. Restricting violence in movies and video games is another. But, just as the NRA and the gunsellers hide behind the second amendment, Hollywood will hide behind the first.


mark hartless 4 years ago

Nobody is "content with the status quo", Paul.

To suggest that some people are "comfortable with [it]" just because they might not want to fly off half-cocked and destroy the freedoms of 300 million people while flailing at a problem they do not fully understand, or refuse to accept is BS on your part.


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