Susie Makens: Important facts


I have been reading all the letters to the editor these past few weeks concerning Sheriff Garrett Wiggins’ stance on the new gun bills. It is interesting to see the voice people have been taking with regards to his actions concerning these bills.

A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to attend a meeting where Sheriff Wiggins gave an informative talk about these bills. Facts were presented about each bill, bringing to the surface the impact these bills will have on citizens, businesses and the state of Colorado. In addition, Sheriff Wiggins talked about his experience attending a session down at our state Capitol before our elected officials. It was mind boggling to hear the reactions from some of our elected officials when facts were presented by different groups.

My first thought after hearing this talk was that the public needs to be made aware of this information. I asked Sheriff Wiggins if he would be willing to present this information to the public at some sort of gathering. “Absolutely,” was the response. With the help of another gal, a date was arranged. A location was provided with the help of the American Legion.

An invitation is being extended to anyone who is interested in hearing the facts about these gun bills as well as the implications the bills will have on citizens, businesses and Colorado. This meeting is not being sponsored by any political group, just some very concerned citizens. There will be some guest speakers and a time for answers and questions.

Please come and learn the facts about these bills. We hope to see you there. The meeting is from 6 to 8 p.m. Monday at the Steamboat Springs Community Center.

Susie Makens

Steamboat Springs


Jack Gutschenritter 4 years, 1 month ago

Susie, I too have listened to Sheriff Wiggins in person. While he is a decent guy, I remain disappointed that a Sheriff would publicly say he will make not enforce the law. I know the arguments about where it can't be enforced, but there were situations where he said the law could be enforced (like sting operations). So he should enforce them, not give Joe six pack the idea it is OK to pick and choose what laws are good enough to live by. Poor judgement for a guy in such a position. Secondly, when he makes himself available to legislators he is simply a resource person with an opinion. His opinion can only be expected to be heard along with hundreds of other opinions before a legislator votes. The fact the vote went differently than he expected is not mind boggling for me at all.

Of greater concern is that the aspect which is partially unenforceable, was caused by legislators bowing to the gun lobby by making exceptions for magazines already in existence. The sheriff can't tell what magazines existed before the law was passed due to no serial numbers or date stamps. If the law had simply banned all magazines larger than 15 rounds, and magazine extensions to smaller magazines, it would be enforceable. Pretty easy. The sheriff said the law probably would not have passed under these circumstances. It is sad that once again our legislators succumb to lobbyist pressures. We did not elect these dang lobbyists.


Scott Wedel 4 years, 1 month ago


I think, in practice, the grandfathering of larger than 15 round magazines avoided a fight not worth fighting. The law bans sale of new or used magazines of more than 15 rounds. So any future gun purchase means the new owner cannot own a large capacity magazine for that gun.

So it won't take that long before the people that want to get guns will be limited to a 15 round magazine. Sure there will be people with 30 round magazines, but presumably they will have owned it for long enough that they are less likely to be a danger to society..

Many laws are unenforceable if the criteria is whether most violators are not caught. Speed limits, drug laws and even theft (how to show who owns what?) have similar enforcement issues as these gun laws. I haven't heard Wiggins say that county has too many miles of roads and he has too few officers to enforce speed limits.


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