Loretta Van Norstrand: Defending our rights


Do any of the people denigrating Sheriff Garrett Wiggins realize that their president will not enforce laws that he doesn’t like? It is public knowledge that he will enforce only certain parts of our immigration laws or the Defense of Marriage Act. He doesn’t agree with those laws (among others) and so will not enforce them.

Do the president’s supporters think it’s OK if the president refuses to enforce the laws he doesn’t like? But it’s not OK if Mr. Wiggins says the new gun laws are not enforceable and he will abide by his oath to support the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution? Is this wrong if you are not President Obama?

Sheriff Wiggins should be highly commended for standing firm on a commitment he made to all of us when he was sworn in. Personally, I am happy to have a good sheriff who will stand up and defend our Constitution.

I was disappointed by one office holder who also was sworn in to office (under the same oath) but undermined the Constitution with one of the first votes she cast.

Loretta Van Norstrand

Steamboat Springs


Martha D Young 4 years ago

Loretta - Please read the U.S. Constitution and learn about who has the responsibility to "enforce" laws. Thank you.


christopher dreher 4 years ago

was this a letter to your husband/wife? this has no business in the local paper! could we please get some useful articles!!!!!!


Matthew Stoddard 4 years ago

Maybe she can move to Georgia, where a town just made it MANDATORY for each head of household to own a firearm. Of course they put caveats on it for some specified reasons. No where in the Constitution does it REQUIRE citizens to own weapons. I wonder who antes up for making sure each Head of Household is mentally sane enough, etc., for them to have one? Taxpayer or each individual when they may not care to own a weapon?


mark hartless 4 years ago

Probably the same entity that decides what kind of crack-pots can walk into a voting booth without an ID and cast a vote for someone who's name they couldn't even spell.


beverly lemons 4 years ago

It is not the role of the POTUS to act as a law enforcement officer, and it is not the role of an elected law enforcement officer to interpret the constitution. If an individual in law enforcement wants to use a law to grandstand, they can resign their position and go on a fund raising junket for the NRA. If someone thinks the American president runs around arresting people, they need to read a middle school civics book.


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