Jane Romberg: Speak for yourself


Just who in the world does Steve Hofman think he is to proclaim that the Hickenlooper administration’s opposition to increased gambling is telling the Yampa Valley to “drop dead”? It is ridiculous to say that Gov. John Hickenlooper and this administration are interested only in the Front Range; they have been very supportive of Routt County and other rural areas. Mr. Hofman is not an elected official from our area. He has no right to present himself as representing the interests of anyone but himself and his investors. 

Unless and until there is a clear and convincing majority of people in this area who want to change our quality of life by adding casinos, Mr. Hofman has no business making broad pronouncements about what message a legitimate policy judgment of the governor and lieutenant governor says to people who live in the Yampa Valley.

We don’t need casino gambling in Routt County. But more than that, we don’t need someone who’s done little to either assess or represent the thoughts of the people who live and work here to make disrespectful and misleading statements about our state’s leaders and their work to represent us.

Jane Romberg

Steamboat Springs


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