Some Steamboat websites affected by GoDaddy outage


— If you had trouble pulling up some websites Monday, it wasn’t just you.

GoDaddy, which registers domain names and offers Web hosting services in addition to being famous for its racy commercials, experienced a large outage affecting thousands or even millions of websites and disrupting email service.

Leslie Murphy, with Creative Bearings, a Steamboat company that does Web design, said her firm registers domain names with GoDaddy but handles hosting in-house. She said she hadn’t heard that any of the more than 200 domains Creative Bearings has registered with GoDaddy had problems.

Murphy said the only problem she had heard about from a client was a person who still had an email account through GoDaddy.

Some local websites that had domain names registered with GoDaddy appeared up and functional Monday afternoon. Websites that hosted with GoDaddy, such as, were down for a period of time Monday afternoon.

Despite the outage, Murphy said, her company hopes to continue using GoDaddy to register domain names. “They’re really easy to work with,” she said.

GoDaddy has disputed initial accounts that attributed the outage to the work of a hacker. Instead, according to a statement released by the company, the issue was because of “a series of internal network events that corrupted router data tables.”

Most websites were working again within a matter of hours Monday.

According to GoDaddy’s statement, no sensitive customer information was compromised.

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Eric J. Bowman 4 years, 8 months ago

I recently made some comments about GoDaddy's webhosting and general suckiness, here:

GoDaddy's DNS services are reliable, not so their webhosting. Two separate systems, providing two separate services -- only one competently. I prefer reliable webhosts who don't need to make excuses for incompetent system administration (aka "a series of internal network events that corrupted router data tables"), and implement redundancy instead of cutting corners on infrastructure.

The webhosting industry is a slimy cesspool overall, what's surprising to the uninitiated is that going with many a big-name outfit plops you right in the middle of it.


rhys jones 4 years, 8 months ago

I stood up for GoDaddy then, and I have to stand by them now.

Their outage affected me directly -- I was in the process of converting some relatively useless Excel price spreadsheets into much more useful MySQL tables -- on their server, as that is where my websites are hosted, when the Big Crash happened. A quick call to support -- a real lady, after a short 6-or-so minute wait, even amid the disaster -- confirmed that it was not my issue, but theirs, to which I could only reply FINALLY!! And Thank you!! Every other time I've called it's been my fault, usually DNS stuff.

I had WAY more outages, both when my sites were hosted locally, brilliant as my guru is, then later with JaguarPC, an East Indian outfit, as I discovered. There one got email support only, and if the local guru was out of town, well... This is the first outage with GoDaddy I can recall in at least two years with them. Every time I check, it's THERE.

Hosting my own sites is out of the question; my personal situation is far too tenuous to promise my clients reliable 24/7 availability. I won't say I don't have the DNS and routing wherewithal required, but for me that stuff is a one-time shot each, then back to my specialty: Applications and databases. Next up after a bunch of new materials tables will be a CAD interface, shooting their Excel to my Linux to digest. And the fun never stops.

While GoDaddy was down yesterday -- and confident of their return soon -- I took the opportunity to step out and restock my meds, which were running dangerously low. I've got the basic tables converted which I need, so next I will thoroughly enjoy adapting them to my existing software, so thoughtfully designed already and thus easily enhanced. Doing the changes here, zapping them to GoDaddy (who offered me a free month for everybody for yesterday's SNAFU, which WAS a hacker, according to NPR) testing there, and everything will be SO COOL.

I was logged into my own database at GoDaddy through a separate DB login, throughout their whole outage, so I could see all my (our) data; that was never at risk, this was a DNS attack.

My web host is trivia, compared to my other concerns -- uptime is the main thing, and there GoDaddy has done fine by me.


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