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Doug Monger

I’m Doug Monger, and I’m running for re-election as Routt County commissioner for District 2. I was born and raised in Steamboat, graduated from Steamboat Springs High School, and then from the University of Northern Colorado with a business degree in finance and accounting. I am a lifelong rancher, have run my own accounting practice since 1979 and live with my wife on a ranch two miles east of Hayden. We have three adult children, and I’m proud to be part of the Monger family, which has been in Routt County for six generations.

I would like to thank you for allowing me to serve Routt County as commissioner for the past 11-plus years, and I’m asking for your vote to allow me to serve you another term.

Who is Doug Monger? I’m a fiscal conservative, a moderate Democrat, a problem solver, and a consensus maker who takes pride in thinking outside the box. I am a strong advocate for private property rights and multiple uses of our public lands. I am a leader and have consistently shown leadership qualities. By participating in many intergovernmental and local agencies, I have gained valuable insight into the workings of state and county government. I was the president of the Colorado Commissioner Association in 2007 and served on its board of directors from 2004 through 2010. I am president of the Colorado Water Resources and Power Development Authority, and I have served as president, vice president and treasurer of Associated Governments of Northwest Colorado. I have also served as co-chairman of First Impressions of Routt County, and as chairman and vice chairman of the Upper Yampa Water Conservancy District. I currently serve on the Yampa/White River Roundtable, Inter-Basin Compact Committee and the Yampa Valley Airport Commission. These experiences have provided a deep understanding of our community.

I am proud of the accomplishments that Routt County has achieved during my leadership. We remodeled and expanded Yampa Valley Regional Airport and created a model of financial self-sufficiency at the airport. We constructed a safe, state-of-the-art Justice Center and courts building, and we undertook the renovation and remodel of the historict downtown courthouse. We financed and built a multi-purpose building at the Routt County Fairgrounds, worked with partners to implement a state-of-the-art dispatch system and also modernized the microwave tower system that serves our emergency 911 system. We have also reconstructed numerous bridges and have maintained and improved our road system. We have undertaken all of these projects while dealing with two crippling recessions during the past 11 years.

Nine months into my first term, our nation experienced the 9/11 tragedy, and just when we were recovering from that crisis, we experienced the 2009 financial collapse. All that said, I look forward to the upcoming years. I believe as a community we have financially bottomed out and have the opportunity to gracefully recover and strengthen our identity. We have learned as a community the risks of overbuilding, and we have learned that we need to take care of ourselves.

In the next term, my county fiscal priorities will mirror those of the last 11-plus years. I will continue to emphasize the value of our county employees, concentrate on protecting and enhancing our current infrastructure and continue our practice of pre-funding the replacement of critical equipment. I will focus on maintaining our service levels and will not expand them without the public’s support of additional funding streams.

Aside from the administrative/financial leadership required of a commissioner, the most important job is being the ultimate decision-maker regarding Routt County’s land use. A commissioner must understand and represent the diverse values of the community through its land use codes. Our land use codes are designed to create a balance between the values of the community and the private property rights of our citizens. If re-elected, I will continue the direction that our county has taken during the past 40 years: focus on preserving our working landscapes and encouraging our open space and community values through incentive-based programs. We will continue with 35-acre minimum lot sizes, land preservation subdivisions and the Purchase of Development Rights program. My land use core value will center on ensuring that development pays its own way.

My history with Routt County, fiscal conservatism and expertise in a balanced land use policy make me the right choice for this race. I welcome the opportunity to continue to help Routt County grow and prosper in a fiscally moderate direction. I ask for your vote.

Doug Monger lives east of Hayden and is the Democratic incumbent for the Routt County Board of Commissioners District 2 seat. Learn more at

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John Weibel 4 years, 6 months ago

It is time for change.

Doug Monger on himself: “I’m a fiscal conservative, a moderate Democrat, a problem solver, and a consensus maker who takes pride in thinking outside the box.”

Fiscally conservative, maybe, as the county run airport brings in a large profit for the county coffers at the expense of those who pay taxes in Steamboat Springs.

A problem solver, my first reaction was sure. However, when asked questions about why a firewall is needed between my barn and the new milk room (which is okay if I do not process anything), I get no answer. This ties right into the comments at the debate about how county rules are worked with. When asked about why a firewall is needed if the barn and milk room are considered two structures and not if it is one.

The building inspector stated so that I do not need to bring the 80 year old barn up to code – so it meets the snow and wind loads of the valley, it has been here for 80 years. I suppose if I did bring it to code then my it would be considered commercial and have a higher taxable value and the building department would get to charge me more – adding to the fiscal conservatism... more revenue.

Consensus maker, sure tell your constituents those are the cards you were dealt and move along. I suppose if your consensus is it is the county way or the highway.

Thinking outside the box was not even an option in this case. No thoughts except what his department manager states, which seems to be different than what the building department has previously told me. When I bring up those points he must state that is not what he said as Tom Sullivan comes back and states that is not what he stated and to simply deal with Carl.

No thinking outside the box, in that if the main fire risk, a boiler, is removed from the structures then why would a firewall be needed. It is not like the use of the building is going to change to a welding shop as it is excluded by my conservation easement. Had not presented the outside the box idea of having the land trust ensure that no boilers/moderate fire risks are installed in the barn/milk parlor/room. But that is thinking too far outside the box.

The opinion is that they are the codes and there for a reason and deal with it. No well maybe the code does not make sense in this case, but they are not concerned enough to look into it. Just play with the cards our building department dealt you, even if you thought you were playing bridge and really you were playing crazy eights, do not mind that we kept all the eights either.


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