Steamboat city planner selected as finalist for Housing Authority director


— The Yampa Valley Housing Authority — which has been without an executive director since this summer — has narrowed the choices for its next top staff member down to a single finalist.

Jason Peasley, who currently works in the city of Steamboat Springs' Planning and Community Development Department, is the Housing Authority board of director’s choice for its executive director position.

The previous executive director, George Krawzoff, was fired early into his tenure in an impromptu and legally questionable manner in July that was later redressed by the Housing Authority's board during an August meeting.

The Housing Authority now is in a two-week comment period and plans to officially appoint Peasley on Oct. 30.

“I saw it as a really good opportunity to transition my career into an advocacy role,” Peasley said about the move from the Planning Department.

Housing Authority board President Rich Lowe said the organization started the process with 20 candidates and conducted interviews with eight of them.

Lowe said Peasley has been “somewhat involved” with the Housing Authority in the past, and the board is familiar with him from presentations he has made as part of the city’s Planning Department.

Peasley said he worked with the Housing Authority to set “housing baselines that we could use as measurable objectives for the community to achieve” as a part of the city’s Area Community Plan.

Peasley’s “knowledge and experience with the inner workings of the city” departments and processes will be a boon, Lowe said.

Acknowledging it will be a different landscape for him, Peasley said he is excited to take on a leadership position in the community.

Lowe said some of Peasley’s first tasks would be to get up to speed on the management of the Housing Authority’s two properties, the ongoing efforts to either sell or refinance the Elk River Village property, and the home buyer education classes the organization wants to bring back.

The Housing Authority was formed via an intergovernmental agreement between the city of Steamboat Springs and Routt County. It receives annual funding from both, as well as revenues from the affordable housing developments it manages in Steamboat.

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George Krawzoff 2 years, 8 months ago

Okay, now we'll see if Jason tolerates cash transactions, allows the MINC and Caselle financial databases to have different information, and permits staff to submit payroll and expenses contrary to the charter. I know Jason and I hope that he will be able to get a grip on this stuff without being run into the ground. He should have a better chance since I did not attend Zumba classes with the board members and it'll be easier for the Board to believe problems arose during my short tenure than during my predecessor's years of managing the YVHA.

Jason, be aware that I wrote a comprehensive whistle-blower complaint to the USDA. I hope they will pursue the complaint but I do not know since their stated policy is to never respond before launching their investigation. When you ask yourself "Should we really be doing business this way?" remember that you are responsible to the Federal Government and the taxpayers irregardless of directives you may receive.

Good luck buddy.


Scott Wedel 2 years, 8 months ago

Peasley’s “knowledge and experience with the inner workings of the city” departments and processes will be a boon, Lowe said.

Well, I hope that is not viewed as the top priorities of his new job.

Far more important is fixing the agency's financial situation and doing the sort of internal review to finally recognize the error in the Elk River purchase was not the unexpected market decline, but the whole concept of a government agency taking market risks is unacceptable.

It is probably too much to hope that he'd also recognize the board's governance is extremely weak that is entirely too agreeable and needs to be strengthened with stronger members from more diverse backgrounds.


George Krawzoff 2 years, 8 months ago


If you're giving up a city job with benefits for this position, be careful Here are some translations that will help you:

Board President - The F$%#@%% President - or Supreme Ruler Treasurer - Your direct boss the Board - " " Board member - your boss so long as Rich or Catherine are not present Super Cheery Greetings - Hey, now here this! Executive Director - lackey to the "working board" former director - the sainted one former director - that scumbag Management Authority - (as in ED will be granted management authority) obligation to do as told or else Staff - spoiled children you dare not reprimand public funds - our money banker - cocktail buddy 6 month review - 3 months if it suits us Our tenants - those poor folks we don't really care about or respect I'm the one who voted for you - better listen carefully because you can be gone rules - what rules? Oil of Olay - that nauseating smell when she's up in your grill

Seriously, I know the YVHA has a huge stake in making their next ED successful but take the job knowing that this is not an executive director position in any real sense of the word. If they hired another accountant to keep you clear of the finances, you have a real chance of sitting on your hands and making it through but DO NOT imagine you are working for a board. Listen carefully to what Rich and Catherine tell you and jump every bit as high and quickly as you can. Do not bring any moral baggage.


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