Jail Report for Oct. 5 to 11, 2012


The following is a list of people booked into Routt County Jail on suspicion of the listed charges. The arresting agency is listed in parentheses.

Friday, Oct. 5

William L. Schlingman, 57, transient/Steamboat Springs — third-degree arson (Routt County Sheriff’s Office)

John D. Wille, 40, Craig — violation of protection order (Hayden Police Department)

Saturday, Oct. 6

Zachary A. Jensen, 22, Steamboat Springs — reckless driving, failure to notify police, DUI (Steamboat Springs Police Department)

Glen A. Shaffer Jr., 22, Oak Creek — fugitive of justice, third-degree assault (RCSO)

David S. Vaughan, 45, Clark — parking lights, DUI, driving under revocation/suspension/denial, violation of protection order (RCSO)

Sunday, Oct. 7

Micah J. Bandfield, 27, Steamboat Springs — failure to appear (SSPD)

Kiarra A. Guzman, 27, Steamboat Springs — driving under restraint, disregarding stop sign, failure to signal (SSPD)

Clifford J. Hamilton, 24, Fairview, W.Va. — failure to signal, DUI, DUI per se (SSPD)

Evan A. Olson, 26, Steamboat Springs — third-degree assault, criminal mischief (RCSO)

Alan L. Wille, 47, Steamboat Springs — DUI, DUI per se, weaving (SSPD)

Monday, Oct. 8

Tracy J. Gomez, 19, Steamboat Springs — third-degree assault (SSPD)

Evan A. Olson, 26, Steamboat Springs — second-degree assault (RCSO)

Joseph D. Philibotte III, 32, Steamboat Springs — harassment (SSPD)

Tuesday, Oct. 9

Christopher L. Reynolds, 31, Milner — criminal mischief, harassment (RCSO)

Wednesday, Oct. 10

Timothy Bertram Jr., 40, Hayden — fugitive of justice (Colorado State Patrol)

Heath L. Pierson, 23, Steamboat Springs — harassment (SSPD)

Thursday, Oct. 11

Susan D. Betts, 58, Yampa — violation of protection order (RCSO)


rhys jones 4 years, 6 months ago

Heh heh, maybe they'll get the same cell block.

Hey Bill, nice hearing from you, quick question, only a minor digression from this thread:

So if Colorado legalizes marijuana possession, could those convicted in the past petition the court to have that expunged? Or would that have to be written into the law?

Everyone: Since the Broncos don't play 'til tomorrow, and those of you with no life such as myself -- and assuming you can live without seeing the first part of the Giants at the 49ers -- might I suggest "The Mouse That Roared" on TCM ch58 Comcast at 2:30 today, assuming the schedule is correct -- Peter Sellers in a classic role, and quite the hoot. Have a good Sunday regardless!!


Scott Wedel 4 years, 6 months ago

Rhys, The people that violated old laws are not released just because new laws change the rules. Note that if Colorado legalizes marijuana that it is not fully legalizing, but regulating like alcohol. So none of those already convicted would have been following the new regulations.

I just searched the jail report and Glen Shaffer Jr is listed quite a few times. Makes you wonder why he wasn't already in jail.


Dana Shaffer 3 years, 2 months ago

My brother Glen isn't in jail already because when he does get in trouble, YOUR justice system splaps him on the hand and puts him back on probation.


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