Steamboat Tennis Association board of directors: Commitment to tennis


To the tennis youths of Steamboat, your families and all of our tennis community:

The Steamboat Tennis Association has been asked by several members of the tennis community to intervene in the recent decision not to renew the contracts of two popular pros, John Aragon and Don Toy. We join the community in our admiration of these fine men and their contributions to the tennis community.

The purpose of the STA is to promote and support youth tennis in Steamboat Springs. The STA does not have standing to intervene in any operations of the Tennis Center at Steamboat Springs. The STA is a free-standing 501(c)(3) chartered to support youth tennis in Steamboat Springs. It is not an arm of the Tennis Center nor does it have any control or say-so over personnel or other business decisions.

We respect all parties involved, including well-liked pros Aragon and Toy, who have improved the games of many children and adults. We also respect Jim and Stacy Swiggart, who have built a nationally recognized tennis center and who have supported the growth of youth and community tennis as a calling far beyond their business obligations.

We remain committed to helping the young people of Steamboat Springs get on the court and stay on the court.

Steamboat Tennis Association board of directors


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