Updates on statewide and national races: Election called for Obama, Amendment 64 passes


Election 2012

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Election results

Routt County voters turned up at the polls in large numbers in a presidential election year.

Statewide races

Colorado voters support Obama for a 2nd term

Colorado legalizes marijuana with Amendment 64

• Colorado voters press for campaign finance spending limits with Amendment 65

Colorado voters approve changes to personnel system

Regional races

Diane Mitsch Bush beats Chuck McConnell in House District 26

• Scott Tipton beats Sal Pace in 3rd Congressional District

• Randy Baumgardner beats Emily Tracy in Senate District 8

Routt County races

Tim Corrigan beats Jim "Moose" Barrows in Routt County Commissioner District 1 seat

• Doug Monger beats Tina Kyprios in Routt County Commissioner District 2 seat

Colorado worth more than its 9 electoral votes

By Nicholas Riccardi, Associated Press

DENVER — Barack Obama and Mitt Romney hope to win more than Colorado's nine electoral votes Tuesday: Colorado is often cited as the demographic future of the country, and whichever party wins here can claim bragging rights to the political map for years to come.

Long a lock for Republicans in presidential races, Colorado became competitive in 2008 when Obama won it by nine points. The state is evenly split among Republicans, Democrats and independents and has become more socially liberal as educated coastal transplants have settled here. The growing Hispanic population has also sharply trended Democratic.

"Colorado is really a microcosm of the new America," said Jill Hanauer, a veteran Democratic strategist whose firm, Project New America, studies demographic trends. "We're young and diverse. It's really the new face of America."

Thousands of Colorado mail ballots rejected for signature issues

Thousands of Colorado mail ballots have been rejected because of signature issues.

Voters either didn't sign the ballot or election officials have determined there is a discrepancy.

Those with rejected ballots will be notified and then have eight days to respond and verify their signatures. Those left without responses will be given to the district attorney for investigation of possible fraud, said Scott Doyle, Larimer County clark and recorder.

Larimer County has rejected 700 ballots because of signature issues, Doyle said.

Read more at The Denver Post.

71 percent of Colorado's active voters have placed their ballots

The Denver Post is reporting that by 2:10 p.m. that 71 percent of Colorado's active voters had placed their ballots.

Obama is ahead in key Colorado counties

After the polls closed in Colorado, marking the end of one of the nation's most intense swing-state battles, President Barack Obama had the edge and was leading in two of the state's most critical swing counties.

In Jefferson County, Obama led GOP candidate Mitt Romney 51 to 47 percent, with most of the votes counted.

And in Arapahoe County, with about 75 percent of the votes counted, Obama led 52 to 46 percent.

Overall in Colorado, Obama was leading 51 to 47 percent with 1.6 million votes counted — about half. In 2008, more than 2.4 million voted in this state.

Read more at The Denver Post.

Amendment 64 looks like it will pass

Amendment 64 to legalize the recreational use of marijuana is holding on to a solid lead and looks like it will pass.

News outlets call election for President Barack Obama

Fox News is predicting President Barack Obama will win enough electoral college votes for reelection. Some battleground states are still close, but networks are predicting Obama's lead over Mitt Romney holds.

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John St Pierre 4 years, 5 months ago

SEEMS all the Pundits overlooked a side effect of Admendment 64 side ..I wonder if all the young voters turning out to approve it... while in the booth are voting for Obama??????


Bob Smith 4 years, 5 months ago

okay, now that obama gets a second term, COULD THE OBSTRUCTIONIST HOUSE REPUBS. PLEASE START WORKING TOWARD HELPING OUR COUNTRY! he won, you guys lost. get over it, and let's get to work on the many issues we face!!!!!


John St Pierre 4 years, 5 months ago

RIGHT ON!!!! Time to return to "THE UNITED" States of Amrica !!!!!!!!!


Scott Wedel 4 years, 5 months ago

Uh oh, now the feds might realize that there are people in Colorado that smoke pot.

Though, based upon how smart the Colorado legislature made the mmj laws to almost certainly lead to appeals and ultimately the Supreme Court if the feds were to act, I expect Colorado's legalization laws to be just as smart.

I do not expect retail stores where anyone can walk in and buy. I expect that buyers will certainly need Colorado ID cards and I would not be surprised if Colorado requires people to get a Colorado issued MJ buyer's special ID card. Colorado will continue with the model set by mmj of regulating from growing to selling so that Colorado can argue in court that anyone that bought mj at retail and took it across state lines did violate Colorado law and that Colorado will prosecute such cases.

For all those feeling giddy that it finally happened, remember that Colorado's MMJ laws are strict upon the dispensaries and patients, and were seen as a disappointment to those wanting a freer and open system.


rhys jones 4 years, 5 months ago

John -- in response to your question -- Mom voted for Romney AND Amendment 64; she's 85, so she's at least half-cool.

And how 'bout them Nuggets? Double entendre, har har.


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