Vicki Barron: World No Tobacco Day


Thursday is World No Tobacco Day, and this year’s theme is “Stop Tobacco Industry Interference.” The World Health Organization selected this theme because the tobacco industry continues to undermine tobacco prevention and control by developing and marketing products that appeal to youths to make sure that it has two youths, or young adult “replacement” smokers, for the 1,200 smokers who die each day in our country.

Throughout the past 15 months, the N-CTRL Coalition actively has been raising awareness about tobacco, including how the tobacco industry markets its deadly products to youths. Educating about the health consequences from tobacco is just not enough to prevent youths from starting to use tobacco. But adding information about the tobacco industry’s manipulation of youths really gets their attention. The next time you go into a store that sells tobacco, check out the packaging — colors and shapes similar to safe, familiar, non-tobacco products — and the flavors. It is very apparent who the tobacco industry is targeting with its marketing.

N-CTRL Coalition members, including teens, have provided tobacco education to more than 500 school-age students in Routt County this year, and the response from youths when they learn about tobacco marketing is incredible. Many kids are angered by the tobacco industry’s manipulation. Our goal is to arm youths and young adults with the knowledge that they need to resist the glamorous, cool and safe marketing tactics that the tobacco industry employs.

Through education and the message, “Never start using tobacco and you’ll never have to quit,” the coalition hopes to prevent our youths from the deadly deception that the tobacco industry has created. Preventing youth tobacco initiation can lead to a tobacco-free world.

For more information about N-CTRL and tobacco prevention efforts or to get involved, call me at 970-875-1883.

Vicki Barron

Community educator, Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association


Brian Kotowski 4 years, 9 months ago

This isn't the forum to shill for your biz. From the Pilot's terms and conditions:

"You agree to not:

  1. upload, post, distribute, e-mail or otherwise publish or make available on WorldWest Limited Liability Company web sites any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, "junk mail," "spam," "chain letters," "pyramid schemes," or any other form of solicitation..."

Take out an ad with the rest of the grownups.


Michelle Hale 4 years, 8 months ago

My post was not an attempt to "run an add." I was letting people know that there is help other than taking drugs, using patches, and so on. I in no way meant to offend of give an idea of something for nothing. I was just letting people know there is effective help in other directions. I also find is very sad, hateful and childish on the comment of "take out an add with the rest of the grownups." You sound like someone who is bitter, and thats sad.


rhys jones 4 years, 8 months ago

I realize going in that I am in the minority on this issue, but I am going to state my opinion anyway. I am a light smoker, at a half a pack a day or less. I take a few hits and put the rest out for later -- that's all one needs for the very relaxing nicotine kick, and I refuse to let North Carolina and Madison Avenue tell me what a proper dose is. There is no hereditary disposition toward cancer in my family. Both of my parents use(d) tobacco. When my Dad died from mesothelioma -- caused by asbestos exposure -- the doctors said his lungs were still clear; meso affects the pleura, surrounding the lungs. And my 85-year-old mother is still alive and kicking, volunteering her time for Garfield County Sheriff's auxiliary. Letterman once had a guest who was still spry at 105, and smoked a pack of Marlboros a day since he was 18. There are so many factors which affect one's susceptibility, including obesity, genetic disposition, and general state of health, that it is not the black-and-white issue so many make it out to be. If you are an overweight couch potato who smokes three packs a day -- and there are many of those -- you are just asking for trouble.

Doctors killed my brother by giving him liver cancer through over-prescription of pharmaceutical drugs.

Cigarettes are one of the few legal pleasures remaining, and I would be damn upset if someone took those away from me too. As in everything, moderation is key.


Scott Wedel 4 years, 8 months ago

Well, there you have it. A nice public service letter discouraging tobacco usage gets criticized by one person for being published. And then another person is willing to criticize the message of discouraging tobacco usage.

I welcome you to the insane asylum.


rhys jones 4 years, 8 months ago

I thought the opposition deserved equal time. You have never heard me proclaim excessive sanity as a personal virtue. Thanks again for the brevity. Now back to my padded cell. I am my own worst enemy. Welcome to my world. Ha ha ha ha ha ha...


Brian Kotowski 4 years, 8 months ago

Our serial whiner is late to the party. Not a big surprise. For the record: I enthusiastically support Ms. Barron's submission - even though it won't put a stop to my weekly scotch & cigar. My salvo was aimed at Chelley6's (now deleted) solicitation that we all hire her to hypnotize our problems away.


Michelle Hale 4 years, 8 months ago

Here is a little information on the value of hypnosis and smoking. One, the most common application of hypnosis is a television. If you drive by anyone's house at night you will see a blue flickering light. The same frequency I use with a light and sound machine to help induce hypnosis. The best sell job was done by the tabacco companies in promotion of selling their poison. Smokers have been convienced that it helps you relax when in fact your body is in stress. Your heart rate increase, you have less oxgen, the silica in your lungs is froze for upto 24 hours. This effects you ability to think, breathe, move and function. Yet, due to the really good sell job and hypnosis of that sell job, their are those who embrace smoking makes them relax. There are a few people who do hypnosis here on the West Slope all of which can help with this issue and others. It is a choice that every person can make. My efforts in telling about hypnosis was simple. It was letting people know that there are more choices than taking a pill, using a patch, or going cold turkey. Hypnosis and those who use it have a 89% success rate. It is like everything, it is a choice. All change is only a choice away. I was not trying to solicitate I was attempting to offer choice, and let people know in the Yampa Valley that there is another choice, that is all. I never once mentioned the name of my company, my price, or all that must be in place before a visit to any Hypnotist. I will say that hypnosis does wonders for those who choose to embrace the power of their own minds to heal, and change their own body. It's simple and effective change. The word "shill" was rude. I am sorry if my comment came of as such. I truly love what I do in helping other change, and embrace health and a new way of living. It's simple, and effective. Hypnosis is used every time you turn on your TV, I had hoped to offer a choice in wellness, thats all. No reason for such vial wrath.

My apology to anyone that my comment may have offended. That was not my intention.


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