Craig Libertarian to run for Senate District 8 seat



Sacha Weis, 41, a Craig resident for 10 years and scrubber at Tri-State Generation and Transmission’s Craig Station, announced her candidacy Wednesday for Colorado Senate District 8. Weis is running as a Libertarian and plans to blend fiscally conservative philosophies with socially liberal ideals in her bid for state office.

— In a political system typically split between the Republican and Democratic parties, third-party candidates are generally relegated to support roles in local, state and national elections.

The Libertarian Party hopes to change the political landscape by rallying candidates for offices up for election this year.

According to the party’s website,, 37 Libertarians will be featured on November ballots for a variety of local, state and national positions in Ohio, Illinois, Idaho, Maryland and Mississippi, and others. And that number is growing.

When the site is updated, it could include a 38th candidate and another state.

Craig resident Sacha Weis, 41, announced Wednesday her bid for the state Senate District 8 seat.

“I’m not a politician, I don’t have a personal agenda, I want to help change things,” Weis said. “I think the Libertarian Party is great for this area.”

Weis is a mother of four, works as a scrubber at Craig Station and has lived in Craig since 2002.

She recently joined the Libertarian movement because she thinks it blends the best values of the two major parties.

For example, Weis said Libertarians believe in maximizing personal freedom by reducing the size of government, making Constitutionally-based government decisions, and adhering to fiscally conservative but socially liberal ideals.

Weis says Democrats and Republicans have drifted from their own philosophies and that the American political environment has really become a one-party system.

“We believe the Democrats and the Republicans are basically the same, they do the same exact things while in office,” Weis said. “If you look at it, they both had their bailouts, increased debt, and just didn’t change anything.

“Everyone feels they have to vote for one of the two major parties. That’s why Libertarians believe it’s truly become a one-party system of Demopublicans.”

Weis was earmarked to run in SD 8 two weeks ago during the Libertarian Convention in Las Vegas.

She said she hopes to change the public perception of greedy and corrupt career politicians by bringing a sense of normalcy to state government.

“The Libertarian Party wants non-politicians in office, we want people to represent the people,” Weis said. “I don’t think this is something a normal person couldn’t do. It just comes down to voting your conscience and doing what you think is right.

“If everyone believed their vote made a difference, we could make a difference.”

The race for SD 8 features political veterans, including appointed incumbent Sen. Jean White, R-Hayden, and House District 57 Rep. Randy Baumgardner, R-Hot Sulphur Springs. White and Baumgardner will face off in the Republican primary. Breckenridge Democrat Emily Tracy also is running for the seat.

Senate District 8 includes Routt, Summit, Garfield, Jackson, Rio Blanco and Moffat counties.


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