Ronald E. Wray: No casino


The greedy and money hungry again show their short memory and attention span. The residents of west Routt County voiced their dismay/disapproval of a casino many years ago and will do so again. We like our community just fine and do not want what a casino would bring to our area. A casino may mean a few more “service-based” jobs, but it also means a whole lot of other things that go along with it (read: “negative things”). If the citizens/greedy/money hungry of Steamboat Springs want a casino in Routt County, let them build it in east Steamboat.

Ronald E. Wray



jerry carlton 5 years ago

I am with you Ronald. If they want it, build it in the middle of downtown Steamboat. They can sell the police station land for it and get enough money for their new justice center. Include a strip club and a house of ill repute in the casino. Just think of the sales tax that will generate and it will take Steamboat back to "the good old days" when Brooklyn was booming.


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