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Brita Horn

In these challenging times, Routt County needs a commissioner who will listen well, work hard and stay true to the vision of the future the people of Routt County have created. I am a proven leader and a leader who listens. I have decades of experience in fire management and EMS and believe that these functions are the very definition of “public service.” I have the energy, enthusiasm and experience to bring common sense solutions to the challenges Routt County faces now and in the future. And I will work hard for you with a balance of our traditional values and new ideas.

We are a ranching family living on Routt County Road No. 4 (Conger Mesa). My husband, Gary, and I have two awesome teen daughters, Abbey and Belle.

Mission: As commissioner, I intend to be…

Positive: I will continue with the “can do” attitude of our current commissioners and all leaders and civil servants back to John L. Routt, the first governor of Colorado when it became a state and our namesake. Using my boots-on-the-ground work ethic, I will continue to support our current public services and explore new ways of making Routt County an amazing place to live. Anyone who knows me will tell you that my enthusiastic commitment to public service is contagious.

Our community has always been thoughtful and far reaching in its vision for the future. I embrace the work done by Vision 2030 and intend to listen to the citizens as we move forward, facing big challenges and forever protecting what we have already created.

Perhaps the biggest challenge facing us involves the current oil and gas companies joining us in Routt County.

As a Routt County Planning Commission member, I have been present at the table for over a year and since then, watching this issue grow first hand. After months and months of being at every meeting on the issue, working with the working group, reading about and listening to the state Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, Colorado Department of Public Health and attending the forums at the Hayden and Steamboat Springs high schools, I have a depth on the topic like no other candidate.

Routt County has given this issue more thought and attention than any other, and I have been there at every meeting. We are the head gate to everyone else. We better make sure we have done due diligence and addressed each concern for hydraulic drilling to be safe and protect our natural resources and personal property rights.

The Planning Commission sent one of Quicksilver’s permits off to the Routt County Board of Commissioners, 7-2. It was the county commissioners who spent until midnight to make sure all the citizens’ concerns were met and agreed upon.

That’s the public servant I am and will be for you, staying until the end to make sure the project gets done right and safely and to utilize our local control to protect what we cherish most.

How would I handle the state of our roads and infrastructure?

We need to make sure our roads are taken care of. I see the need to finish the project for Routt County Road 14 and get it fixed. We need to find new funding resources and finish the job. And surely, there are other roads that need that same dedication of finishing projects.

How would I handle the current state of Internet availability?

I have history and have seen firsthand how poorly the information highway works in other counties. It was done quickly, costly and ineffectively. Their system is fractured. This is not something that can be hastily done with just flipping a switch, like others have said. We need to take some time and do it right the first time. Encourage all the right players to be at the table and build the infrastructure to be affordable, available and easily reached to everyone in Routt County.

Finally, what is my vision?

Let’s be a model to all of Colorado of what a great county we live in. We have our Vision 2030 plan that so many people took the time to create of what we want to look like.

I will be a focused leader that keeps what is important to you important.

I will find new and innovative ways to achieve those goals.

I will make this job my priority and realize that it will take many hours to achieve our goals.

I have the energy, enthusiasm and endurance to see this job through into the next generation.

I will be equally dedicated to our county and serve you as your county commissioner.

Please feel free to contact me with questions and or concerns at Thank you.

Brita Horn is running for Routt County Commissioner District 1.


Scott Wedel 4 years, 9 months ago

Brita, Can you please elaborate on the 7-2 Planning Commission vote that then the Routt County Commissioners spent until midnight to deal with concerns? I am not sure of the meaning of that story.

Are you suggesting the Planning Commission didn't show the same level of concern for fracking issues as the CCs? Or that the CCs spent too much time on an issue that Planning Board was able to decide quickly? Nor did you say which way you voted on it.

I would also suggest that South Routt towns need nat gas service or they will be economically further hurt. Nat gas usage is growing. Automakers are already making models which can use nat gas as a mixed fuel. We are heading to a future where off nat gas service means being as remote as being off grid. I suggest this is a concern for the county government since the county is the local government for Stagecoach, the largest community in South Routh, and Phippsburg, the centrally located community.

The regional nat gas pipelines comes west along I40 and ends at SB.


Brita Horn 4 years, 9 months ago

Scott, Thank you for contacting me and asking for clarity. The paper only allowed a max of 800 words and I was editing my piece everywhere I could. I was talking about the exploration permit with Quicksilver. It was on a scheduled Thursday night with the Routt Planning Commission meeting that we passed the permit 7-2. I voted to pass the permit. Then, the next scheduled meeting (3/20/2012) the Board of County Commissioners and they were the ones that stayed until after midnight to make sure all concerns were met and passed the same permit 2-1. The meetings are packed like sardines and I did not mean to confuse those who were not in attendance. I promise to be clearer in the future. Thank you for your advice on natural gas. I hope to talk to you more in detail on this issue. I would like to invite you for coffee or tea at your convenience this week in Oak Creek. Please contact me @ 819-0815. I would be happy to meet you face to face to talk more about the issues that concern you.


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