Drug task force’s arrests, seizures steady


— All Crimes Enforcement Team Commander Marvin Cameron met last week with area law enforcement officials to summarize last year’s task force activity on narcotics investigations and seizures.

Cameron’s report was delivered to the six-member ACET executive board, which includes Craig Police Department Chief Walt Vanatta; Moffat County Sheriff Tim Jantz; Steamboat Springs Police Department Chief Joel Rae; Routt County Sheriff Garrett Wiggins; Hayden Police Department Chief Gordon Booco; and 14th Judicial District Attorney Elizabeth Oldham.

Of the 29 investigations conducted by ACET officers last year, 23 resulted in arrests.

Four suspects went through the legal process last year and were sentenced to prison, including two Craig residents convicted of distributing methamphetamine.

In January 2011, the agency dismantled a methamphetamine lab in Hayden and filed charges against four suspects. Jamison Fjoser, 37, the alleged cook, pleaded guilty to manufacturing a controlled substance, a Class 2 felony. He was sentenced in September 2011 in Routt County District Court to 12 years in prison.

Two other suspects were sentenced to five years in Correctional Alternative Placement Services. The fourth suspect still is going through the legal process.

ACET reported that officers broke up a suspected cocaine ring in May 2011 in Steamboat Springs.

Omar Aguire-Prieto, 39, was charged with distribution of a Schedule 4 controlled substance, a Class 3 felony. During a search of Aguire-Prieto’s Walton Village condo, ACET investigators seized 340 grams of cocaine with an estimated street value of $38,760, as well as $15,560 in cash.

He accepted a plea deal in August 2011 of 3 1/2 years in prison and forfeiture of $54,320.

“We’ve had a lot of convictions on the other cases and there are investigations from 2011 that are either ongoing or are still in the judicial process,” Cameron said. “However, we have a 100 percent conviction rate for investigations conducted during my first two years with ACET.”

In total, Cameron said ACET officers seized 372.12 grams of cocaine; 2.8 grams of methamphetamine; and 3 grams of marijuana with a total estimated street value of $42,807.68.

Cameron said the results from 2011 were on par with 2010.

Of the 29 narcotics investigations, four were for the distribution or possession of cocaine; 13 for the possession or distribution of methamphetamine; three for the distribution of marijuana; two for psilocybin drugs (one mushroom grow operation and one mushroom possession); six for prescription frauds; and one for criminal impersonation investigation.

The ACET drug task force includes an officer from the Craig Police Department, Moffat County Sheriff’s Office, Steamboat Springs Police Department and Routt County Sheriff’s Office. Each officer is paid by his or her sponsoring agency.

In addition, Routt and Moffat counties and local municipal governments contribute funds for equipment, supplies, “buy” money and capital improvements.

In 2011, Moffat County’s contribution was $22,596.67. The cities of Craig and Steamboat Springs each paid $15,396.66; Routt County contributed $10,800; and Hayden provided $750. ACET’s 2011 budget was $64,940.


obamanation 5 years, 2 months ago

I sure wish they could get more arrests. GRAMNET used to be a scary thing to users and dealers around here. Now from what I understand DRUGS are super accesable and its pretty scary . Ecspecially heroin , is getting into the hands of our youth.

ACET please be more aggressive 4 prison sentences doesn't seem very aggressive, the guy in Hayden if I remember right , got himself caught.

Please clean this area up.


Scott Wedel 5 years, 2 months ago

When were drugs not easily accessible in a ski resort town? Talk to locals with some history and ask about the volumes of coke that was done after hours in local bars.

What percent of annual drug supply/consumption does "372 grams of cocaine, 2.8 grams of methamphetamine; and 3 grams of marijuana" represent? A tiny fraction probably around .1% or so, what is used locally in a few hours. That scale is not about winning a war on drugs or reducing supply, but merely arresting a few people.


rhys jones 5 years, 2 months ago

I dunno, Scott, 372 grams of coke would get a whole free summer show talking gibberish for a couple of hours -- and that'd cover a good turnout, Jorma or somebody.

I could stretch 3 grams of pot a whole week, by myself, so it sounds like they've got their priorities about right.

The one number that disappoints is 2.8 grams of meth -- after a whole year? THAT'S where the real problem lies. Their music hurts my ears.


housepoor 5 years, 2 months ago

maybe on most of their pot busts the guy just pulls out his get out jail freemmj card?


rhys jones 5 years, 2 months ago

ACET could sell the drugs to reputable buyers at their street value, reducing the overall cost to $22,133. That seems the fiscally responsible thing to do. By the gram, to get full value. Call it a "locker sale." Outside the box, friends.


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