4 seats, ballot initiative up for Oak Creek vote in April


— As of Tuesday afternoon, no one in Oak Creek has filed to run for the three Town Board seats and a mayoral position up for election in April.

The election is April 3, and the deadline to file for candidacy is March 5.

The three Oak Creek Town Board seats are four-year terms currently held by Wendy Gustafson, Chuck Wisecup and Wesley Woodford.

Woodford was appointed in July to the seat vacated by former member Lawrence Jaconetta, who had resigned two months earlier.

At Thursday’s Town Board meeting, Woodford said that he likely wouldn’t run for the seat again but that he wasn’t positive.

“I want to keep the door open,” he said.

Gustafson said she plans to run in April, and Wisecup said he is undecided.

Mayor Nikki Knoebel said Tuesday that she plans to run for re-election to the two-year term.

Land-use code

Also up for a vote in April will be a citizen-led ballot initiative aimed at changing the town’s land-use code. Oak Creek property owner Scott Wedel and Oak Creek resident Kerry Eaton are listed as the petitioners for the initiative, which proposes several changes to the land-use code, including:

■ Changing the classification of remodels, construction of residential units and establishment of cottage industry in Performance District 1 (Main Street) into land-use changes of no impact.

■ Eliminating the buffer yard and set-back requirements.

■ Eliminating off-street parking requirements and the requirement of a pre-application work session with the Oak Creek Planning Commission for changes of use.

■ Eliminating a provision that discourages non-sales-tax-generating businesses and altering residential, agricultural, mixed-use and cottage industry into permitted uses in Performance District 1.

The ordinance has been finalized, and the petition is being circulated.

For more information, call Oak Creek Town Hall at 970-736-2422.

To reach Nicole Inglis, call 970-871-4204 or email ninglis@SteamboatToday.com


Scott Wedel 5 years, 2 months ago

Retail uses on Main St is great to have, but requiring all new uses along Main St must be retail on the first floor when there are already so many vacancies just enforces that there must be vacancies and bank owned properties. That is how to destroy a retail district, not build it up.

Nor do prospective businesses want to wait a month or two to get permission to open. Oak Creek is the only place in the entire county that a commercial use of a commercial building needs to go through government hearings on whether it should be allowed.

And current code is so screwed up that if any of the residences or apts in Performance District 1 were to be substantially damaged then it could only be rebuilt as offices or retail.

And parking code is so bizarre in a town which has plenty of parking and is written so that only 4 Main St building are in compliance.

I have had great success getting signatures of downtown businesses owned by Oak Creek residents.


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