Art Judson: A casino poem


Let Hayden be our Tijuana

Gamin’ and drinkin’ in a steam-filled sauna.

Had some fun at the expense of the mob

Working my Casino’s low-paying job.

Steamboat to Hayden is a very short drive

Especially if you’re drinkin’, to stay alive.

All in the name of jobs and growth

Hey hey we can have both 

In a single casino

This side of Reno.

Art Judson

Steamboat Springs


Michelle Hale 4 years, 7 months ago

Elites' are a fact it's true...... For in Steamboat they have quit a few. For trust fund babys don't have to work, a 9.00 job and a ski pass, hell, that works.

Then fingers are pointed and say HOW DARE YOU, Shame on you Hayden, you swinish crew. You are effecting our day dream, how could you?

It's true that Hayden and Steamboat it is a short jaunt, as is the consumption tax dollars...NOT. Phiphsburge needs water, Oak Creek needs enforcers of law, and all Steamboat does is cry Wa Wa Wa.

There seems to be imbalance of a capacious degree, for what is right for your world is not right for me?

Jobs are needed, and times are hard, all that the rest of Routt gets is a frickin Come Ski Steamboat card.


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