Kaleb Zuber: House always wins


I’m writing in response to Tony Counts’ letter (“Casino idea is good”) in Wednesday’s paper. Counts kind of answered his own question of “How does a casino in Hayden have a negative effect in Steamboat, culturally, visually or ethically?” That’s exactly the problem — it doesn’t. Steamboat wont see the ill effects of a casino, Hayden will.

If tourist dollars spent at the casino are what assists the resort community, then the casino should be at the resort. There’s no doubt that it will be a money maker, but at what cost? I’m worried about local people with gambling problems whose money could be going toward most anything else besides feeding their addiction. I would hate to see someone’s family suffer due to this casino.

We’re all neighbors. I appreciate that, but we should be supporting projects that benefit us all. If local businesses are relying on tourist dollars alone, I’m sorry, they’re not going to be in business very long. I was born and raised in Hayden, and this proposal is a little insulting. Maybe I don’t know enough or I’m a little narrow-minded, but I do know the house always wins.

Kaleb Zuber



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