Ken Kruse: Thanks for searching


I was recently involved with the search effort on Rabbit Ears Pass. Even though the outcome isn’t what we had hoped, I’d like to thank everyone who spent time searching for our friend. I was impressed not only with the professionalism, but also with the caring of all emergency responders. From Paul, the first officer on the scene when we found the truck, to Garrett, the last person to leave the recovery area when everything was done, to all the members of Routt County Search and Rescue, to Rob Ryg. They all helped friends and family members cope with an extremely difficult situation. 

We in Steamboat are lucky, not only for the wonderful place we live, but also for the people that live here with us.

Ken Kruse

Steamboat Springs


rhys jones 4 years, 8 months ago

Search and Rescue are heroes one and all, always nameless, only trying to help.

If the mentioned Paul is the same RCSO Paul who saved me a couple hours of walking uphill late one night, I concur, he is most professional and courteous.

I was riding with my brother once when he worked for Jeffco; he was cruising Red Rocks kicking out kids drinking beer, as it was after closing time, when we discovered a lady who had committed suicide. That ruined a bunch of people's nights, and the family wasn't even there.

Law enforcement is not all fun and games, it has its grittier moments, and despite what I may have written at other times, I'm still glad they're there. I salute you guys.


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