Janet Hruby tapped to lead Routt County Road and Bridge Department

Hruby currently serves as the interim Public Works director for Steamboat


— A veteran city of Steamboat Springs employee has been tapped to lead Routt County's Road and Bridge Department.

County Manager Tom Sullivan on Tuesday announced that he has hired Janet Hruby, who currently is Steamboat's interim Public Works director, to serve as Road and Bridge director.

Hruby started working for the city in 2004 as a senior engineer. She was named assistant Public Works director in 2010.

Sullivan said Hruby's engineering experience, which spans more than a decade, will make it easy for her to hit the ground running as the leader of the county's largest department.

“Janet really stood above the rest of the applicants because of her current experience as assistant Public Works director,” he said. “She had glowing references. She's a can-do person.”

According to her new contract, Hruby will make $87,984 annually in her county role. Her salary will increase to $90,688 after six months and a successful performance review.

The Routt County Board of Commissioners approved Hruby's salary Tuesday morning.

Hruby has a master's degree in civil engineering and is a certified professional engineer for the state of Colorado, according to her resume. She also has more than 13 years of engineering experience in the public and private sectors.

She will start her new role Sept. 19.

“I wish she was starting tomorrow,” Sullivan said. “I'm very excited to have her on board.”

Sullivan has been serving as the director of the Road and Bridge department since longtime director Paul Draper was demoted to assistant director in April.

Draper was dismissed by the county in June. A grievance committee and the Board of Commissioners upheld Draper's dismissal.

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Steve Lewis 4 years, 8 months ago

An excellent hire for the County. I observed Hruby handling some contentious City public works meetings with the public a few years back and was very impressed with her public relations skill and balance. Engineers, like myself, are not always the best communicators, but Janet is the complete package.

Congratulations Janet. Glad you're staying in Routt.


Scott Wedel 4 years, 8 months ago


In a different move, according to the July 17th meeting minutes, the county agreed to outsource payroll processing, tracking of vacation and sick days. and the handling of payroll taxes for an annual savings estimated of $30K. Nice to see government looking to seek efficiency and cost savings in their daily operations.

In a different note, today Oak Creek Public Works spent an hour removing road base from an section of asphalt road because it had eroded from above. And then proceeded to put that road base into the gullies from which it had eroded. And they do that half a dozen times a year for that problem spot. One might think that after making the same repair many times a year for many years would, at some point, would create the thought in Public Works that maybe it is an ongoing problem that should be addressed.

The most annoying part of that is the complete lack of accountability. If you ask the employees of Public Works if they think what they are doing will work then they will say "We just do what we are told." If you ask the head of Public Works then he'll say it is "trial and error". If you ask anyone else in government if they care about this continual effort spent fixing the same failures then they'll say that is Public Works.

One might think that having no one thinking that the work that they are doing will work would be enough of a wake up call. But apparently everyone is so used to everything being so broken that the idea of actually fixing anything is inconceivable. And so the vicious cycle is established of "repairing" things only back to what had failed which is expected to fail again.

Along South Sharp Ave, I tried breaking this cycle of failure by just making a minimal effort by getting a hay wattle that I placed on the street near a fire hydrant and power pole. I figured it couldn't do any harm and it might suggest what would work along the rest of the street. Well, that did wake them up since they removed it within an hour. Maybe it did inspire them to a few days later to install several wattles along Sharp. Though, seeing what they installed is so sad since it was so obviously expected to fail. Who, besides OC Public Works, sees swaths of erosion and them places wattles half and less as wide as what had just eroded? The water rushing down the street is supposed to realize there are wattles a foot over there and so not erode again what had just been repaired?

And so there was yet again major erosion along the side of Sharp Ave when it rained again Friday. Oh well. That is four times since June.

Maybe someone with the EPA or local fly fishers will care about so much road base being eroded into the creek for so many years and find a way to force Public Works to actually control the erosion.


Lauren Mooney 4 years, 8 months ago

Congratulations Janet!!!! The County is lucky to have you!


John Fielding 4 years, 8 months ago

. Congratulations Janet! We will miss you at the City. .


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