TCAP scores reveal strengths, weaknesses of Routt County schools


Complete TCAP results

The Colorado Department of Education has posted complete TCAP results for all school districts at this page.

— All three Routt County school districts can find something to like about their students' performance on the inaugural Transitional Colorado Assessment Program, or TCAP.

Steamboat Springs' third-graders posted record high scores on the reading portion of the annual standardized test.

All of Hayden's third-graders were proficient or advanced in math.

South Routt Elementary School's fourth- and fifth-grade students scored above the state average on the reading test.

But educators in the three districts also can point to weaknesses in the test scores.

The Colorado Department of Education on Wednesday released the scores of the test that temporarily has replaced the Colorado Student Assessment Program. The tests are similar, and educators across the state are using the latest test results to track the progress of their students compared to last year's CSAP results.

Students in Routt County took the test in March. The reading, writing and math portions of the TCAP are administered to students in third through 10th grades each year. Fifth-, eighth- and 10th-grade students take a science test, as well.

Steamboat Springs

Third-graders in Steamboat Springs learned months ago how they helped make history when they posted their record high scores on the reading portion of the test.

At Strawberry Park Elementary School, 95 percent of third-graders scored proficient or advanced. At Soda Creek, 90 percent of third-graders reached the same level.

Their peers at Steamboat's other campuses now can celebrate the fact that all grade levels across the district scored above the state average in all content areas.

“My overall takeaway of the data is good,” Steamboat Curriculum Director Marty Lamansky said Wednesday. “We're maintaining high standards. There is some room for us to grow and improve. We also need to look at next steps to go from a really good, high-quality district to being one of the top in the state.”

Lamansky said the data show Steamboat's freshmen and sophomores can improve on their math scores. He added that the math portion of the test is significantly more challenging than other content areas.


Like last year, Hayden Superintendent Mike Luppes called his district's state standardized test scores a mixed bag.

“Obviously we've got some areas we're very, very pleased with, and we've also got some areas we need to work on,” he said.

He said his interpretation of the data showed growth at the elementary school and flatter scores at the secondary campuses.

He said the district had a consultant from Adams State University in Alamosa work on curriculum review with teachers in preperation for last school year.

“We would like to think that some of that work we did at the elementary started showing some positive signs in our TCAP scores,” he said.


The South Routt School District saw strong performances in its elementary school reading scores.

But only fifth-, eighth- and 10th-grade students in the district scored above the state average in writing.

Superintendent Scott Mader said he expects such volatility in the scores every year.

“As you can see, we have some mixed results,” he said. “In a small district like ours, we're going to have some mixed results every year. It doesn't take many students' scores to take our scores way up or down.”

He said the district has a lot of data to pore over as it prepares curriculum for next school year.

“As we always do, we're going to analyze them and drill down and see what areas we need to improve on and see where we can do some interventions. We'll also celebrate the scores we've done well on.”

2012 Routt County TCAP results

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Scott Wedel 4 years, 8 months ago

Steamboat School district should be quite proud of these scores. While it is easy to be happy and impressed with scores of 90s for 3rd graders, the actual most impressive schools are for the 10th graders since those scores are far above state averages. And the mindset that creates the learning environment that enables these scores can be seen from the district's comment that there is room to improve.

SoRoCo can look at these scores and be feel okay. District is right about average which for the challenges of a not wealthy rural district is not bad.

Hayden can point to the 100% for 3rd grade math and hope that is not a fluke. But overall these scores should shock parents into forcing change. By the 10th grade, Hayden is well below state average for reading, writing and math. That only 19% of 10th graders are proficient at math is the sort of miserable performance that should be unacceptable. Hayden has had terrible 10th grade math scores for years and that should be exactly the sort of situation that causes the state to takeover the operation of the school district. But unfortunately for the kids of Hayden, the school district does not see any serious problems and not long ago refused to take the simplest corrective action of adding school days to come closer to matching SB or SoRoCo.


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