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2012 Run Rabbit Run ultramarathon in their own words

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Now that they’ve had some time to recover after the first Run Rabbit Run 100-mile ultramarathon, some of the runners are starting to blog their races:

• Duncan Callahan (@DuncanCallahan) finished fourth and wrote about the course being longer than advertised and a wrong turn that cost him time and energy.

• Jason Schlarb, who didn’t finish, wrote about how tough the race was mentally and physically and how much respect he has for those who toughed it out and crossed the finish line.

• Patrick Garcia (@trudginalong), who also didn’t finish, wrote about his effort to finish and his issues with the course.

Bryon Powell, who followed the race through the night, has some pre- and post-race interviews along with more information about the race at http://www.irunfar.com.

Some videos from along the course also have been posted. Thanks to iRunFar for the heads up on the first one.

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