Betty Leipold: Bag discounts


— Instead of charging shoppers for using plastic bags, which would be inconvenient for tourists, why not do what Safeway used to do and take 5 or 10 cents off the total bill when a person uses a reusable bag?

Betty Leipold

Steamboat Springs


JustAsking 5 years, 7 months ago

Taxing bags has very little at all to do with the bags themselves. It has everything to do with providing a revenue source for political control. Do plastic or paper bags have less "footprint" than a cloth bag that should be laundered each use in order to prevent possible infection, disease, or sickness? Ask yourself "why the focus on grocery store bags here in Steamboat?". It certainly isn't that bags are a major source of pollution here. Answer: It's about the MONEY stupid! Want to talk carbon foot print? Tax wood burning stoves and fireplaces, grazing cattle, or snow machines. Of course, that won't fly because it's nuts. So let's pretend we are "at least doing something" while ignoring the facts and grab some money to fund some more wacky ideas!

Economic considerations to encourage what some think is environmentally responsible should not be a revenue source for bureaucracy. Any funds generated should only benefit the seller and the buyer in free society.

On the surface taxing disposable bags seems like nothing to get too concerned about. On the contrary, it's about seizing control and generating money to take away freedom and choice ---the very principles that America was founded upon.


mtntrekker 5 years, 7 months ago

City market used to do the same thing - take 5 cents off your bill for each reusable bag. Not sure if they still do, though. You have to ask the cashier.


John Rogers 5 years, 7 months ago

Thats the way we need to go ......

And what about the C-stores.....lots of plastic bags coming out of there


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