Omar M. Campbell: Ask hard questions


Last week’s Question of the Week polled voter interest in the Nov. 1 city election, including the City Council races and ballot questions. Interest stood at only 9 percent for the council election. The marijuana issue had 65 percent interest, and the airline tax issue was at 25 percent.

It is disappointing that we voters place council composition way below ballot issues. Composition of council largely determines who we are and where we are headed as a community. Take growth, for example. The council at one time voted 4-3 against voluntarily putting the very important Steamboat 700 annexation to a public vote. It later voted 4-3 to approve the annexation. Obviously, the council majority let their personal growth agendas reign.

The 61 percent of us who approved the Let’s Vote referendum and turned down Steamboat 700 should take note of this. Public opinion won over council agendas, but it took a referendum to do so.

In summary, voters should take a close look at the probable agendas of the candidates. At forums, ask some tough questions. Disregard the stock platitudes such as “I have a vision for Steamboat.” Try, “What is your position on growth?” and “Do you favor a public vote on the really important hot-button local issues?”

Omar M. Campbell

Steamboat Springs


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