Comcast Internet outage causes break in business in Steamboat

Comcast service restored early Friday


— An interruption in Comcast Internet service made business difficult Friday morning for Big Agnes and Honey Stinger.

Comcast spokeswoman Cin­dy Parsons said the outage occurred at about midnight Thursday and was restored sometime Friday morning. She couldn’t say how many Steamboat Springs Comcast customers were affected or where in town the outage occurred.

Chris Tamucci, international sales manager for Big Agnes and Honey Stinger, said the companies’ office at Seventh and Oak streets was without Internet access until 10 a.m., three hours after the first employee showed up.

Tamucci said that creates problems for the sister companies.

“If the Internet is down, when you talk about email being down, not only does it impact our business not being able to communicate with customers, but orders aren’t coming in,” he said. “And dealing with customers in international time zones, sometimes there’s a small window to communicate with people.”

Tamucci said that it was the first time recently that the office for Big Agnes and Honey Stinger lost its Internet connection but that there have been issues at the companies’ warehouse on Copper Ridge Circle.

Parsons said there haven’t been any widespread outages in Steamboat lately, with the exception of the one Friday morning, which she said was fixed as quickly as possible

“We work very closely with the third-party vendor we lease fiber from in Steamboat to restore service as quickly as possible,” she said.

Randy Krause, a spokesman for CenturyLink, which also provides Internet service in Steamboat, said it leases fiber-optic cable to Comcast, which is common industrywide. Krause said there wasn’t an issue with CenturyLink’s fiber-optic cable Friday morning or at any time in the past couple of months.

Customers of other local service providers, including Zirkel Wireless and Resort Broadband, didn’t report any interruption to their Internet service.

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steamboatsprings 5 years, 6 months ago

Comcast residential service has been down quite a bit lately, several friends have noticed the same thing. It's too bad, they used to be rock solid


Alan Rudolph 5 years, 6 months ago

As a location neutral executive, based here in Steamboat, working for a Fortune 1000 company, the recent Comcast outages are frustrating, to say the least. The Steamboat community deserves an answer as to why the outages occurred and what Comcast is doing to prevent these outages in the future.


Jeff_Kibler 5 years, 6 months ago

As a location neutral executive, based here in Steamboat, working for a Fortune (negative infinity) company, I have backups and redundacy. The lowest level is a dial-up account. At least you can process email. If your work is mission-critical, you have many options, including satellite and other local providers. Cry me a river vis-à-vis your lack of forethought.


rhys jones 5 years, 6 months ago

Even as a bush pilot flying by the seat of his pants, I know better than to rely on local service, which is why my operational websites reside in Tempe or Mesa, I'm not even sure which. It's mildly frustrating, when our Qwest takes a few extra seconds to upload new source files, but then I know they're there, ready for the world. That's the small price I pay, for choosing to pursue my little thing in la-la land.

Sometimes Pilot pages take even longer to load, even apparently hung, requiring a stop and reload -- who's YOUR server, Pilot? I was talking about all the little Internet messengers, passing off their data packets, back when speed was the forum issue... so now I wait so long, then count backwards from 10, before I hit "Stop," imagining our messengers, running in circles now, not sure where the packet goes. My Google Analytics record my visits as being from Denver, making me wonder where else the Pilot goes first. Ain't the Internet fascinating? If also occasionally frustrating.

Is satellite really viable? I do software, am a hardware dolt. It just seems the distances would create an unacceptable lag for most surfing, but if you're just editing and transferring text files and emailing, might be acceptable. Where's that at, Jeff?


rhys jones 5 years, 6 months ago

What I'm imagining is a USB modem which goes straight off satellite, not local wireless fed by satellite -- but that would require a straight shot, aiming and adjusting software, might have to be done outside -- am I dreaming? Is this feasible, or reality, yet? I'd sure like to get off of Qwest or Comcast or any other local middleman. Of course I realize I'd still need an ISP. Just researching options... and now I think I'll correct typos in pursuit of my own ventures and quit wasting our time here. Thanks, folks, I'll check in later...


bandmama 5 years, 6 months ago

this bit of info is great. But can anyone from Comcast tell me why I am paying for service when at LEAST once a month we have to call them for a "service call" because as a private "investor" I cant get half the movie channels we are paying for???. I really am not going to feel bad for making Comcast wait for for $$$'s this month. About half of what we pay for, I dont get. And each tome they come to the house I am told it is fixed. Nope. Good thing I have a very good library. Considering dropping them from my monthy bill/to do list. The service STINKS. BIG TIME.


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