Kathy Rodeman: Keep the dispensaries


I am writing in support of keeping medical marijuana dispensaries open in Oak Creek and Routt County. I know some of you think medical marijuana is a scam by “druggies” to obtain their pot more easily, and I am sure there are a few who do not really need it. I also am sure there are many more who medical marijuana helps to live a less painful and more productive life.

I severely injured my back in 1991 to the point where I eventually was awarded Social Security disability. When my SSD was finally approved, I turned it down and opted to continue working — discounting the theory that marijuana makes everyone lazy and not want to work. Believe it or not, marijuana does help chronic pain.

I know many of you have made up your mind on this issue. I would like to share some common-sense reasons with those of you still deciding how you will vote as to why medical marijuana dispensaries in Oak Creek and Routt County are safe, reasonable and should be allowed to continue to operate.

Have you ever heard the saying “Never judge your brother until you have walked a mile in his moccasins”? Many individuals in Routt County have legal medical marijuana cards. Most of these individuals, including me, now can treat their chronic pain and illness by having access to legal medical marijuana through these dispensaries. Outlawing these dispensaries will not change the fact that these individuals will still have pain and/or illnesses. Outlawing and closing dispensaries will force those patients to seek other avenues for their medicine. Most other legal pain medications are not only addicting but can have side effects that range from destroying your liver and kidneys to causing your teeth and bones to weaken and disintegrate. They also can cause life-altering depression, accidental overdose and death.

Please consider the many reasons to vote for keeping our legal medical marijuana dispensaries open. These dispensaries are highly regulated and provide a safe outlet for patients to purchase their medicine. Existing locations of medical marijuana dispensaries are venerable, visible and will continue to keep illegal, black-market drugs off the street while generating revenue and creating jobs. Allowed by our state’s Constitution, medical marijuana patients need to have the choice of these dispensaries to purchase marijuana in a safe and legal atmosphere.

Closing down or banning these existing dispensaries will not make marijuana go away; doing so will make our neighborhoods less safe, create more growing operations, affect the jobs that have been created by these new businesses and make it once again lucrative in the black market for the cartels and dealers.

Voting to ban these existing dispensaries will cause your neighbors who are suffering to purchase their medicine in unsafe and illegal environments, siphon tax dollars from our already suffering sales tax revenues and take the only safe choice away from patients who have chosen this method of treatment. Infused products are essential to those with COPD or other throat or lung ailments for which smoking is not an option. Growing facilities enable the proprietors of the dispensaries to know the content and quality of their products. Please vote to let these existing businesses stay in business.

Kathy Rodeman

Oak Creek


mavis 2 years, 6 months ago

Well, I hope you can repair your back, I am sure you are getting compensated for your back and will continue to for a LONG time. You clearily are a "chronic" patient and need contnous support. The problem is .... I have a heart... feel a smidge bad for you but I really don't care about your issues. You can live your life, and be independent of the other issues. Try it it will make you feel better about what you stick up for!!


muck 2 years, 6 months ago

Close the despensaries! Who needs regulations! Allow more growers so we can drive the price up allowing black market to thrive again! End video taped transaction of MMJ by licensed patients. Let you youth by from the 1700 growers and Mexican cartel that will thrive. Who need jobs! Let the 1700 new pot growers make some cash now. Who needs Dr. recommended anything and state approved! Who cares the states says OK and you hate it!




JJ Southard 2 years, 6 months ago

Muck, please, if you're going to make analogies about the efficacy of mmj, please make sense. People did NOT die from cantaloupe, they died of poisonous, tainted cantaloupe...... We all know marijuana is safe, but so is cantaloupe. Settle down.


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