Pro Cycling Challenge brought 1 million fans, $83.5 million to Colorado


— The inaugural USA Pro Cycling Challenge drew more than one million spectators and harvested $83.5 million in economic impact.

A race study, which was released Tuesday at the Capitol, showed that more than 20 percent of spectators at the Aug. 22 to 28 race came from outside the state. Even better: More than 94 percent of attendees surveyed said they were planning to return for next year's race.

"All of the sudden, Colorado has jumped to the top of wish lists for people around the country and the globe," said Al White, director of the Colorado Tourism Office.

The race was in Steamboat on Aug. 26 and 27.



Scott Ford 5 years ago

Statements that the event brought $83.5 million to the state are a bit goofy. The temptation is to focus on the total dollar amount without taking the time to do the necessary analysis of how much money actually stayed in the local community and more importantly contributed to household income. Without this analysis it is like saying an armored truck pulled into town with $10 million dollars in it and a roll of quarters fell out. What was the tangible benefit to the community – the $10 million or the roll of quarters?

This analysis is not difficult and it helps keep us from being seduced by big dollar signs. More often than not it is just a rolls of quarters. We ought to, however, understand how many rolls.


1999 5 years ago

I find that 83 million number VERY suspect.

and I mean VERY suspect.


1999 5 years ago

this aricle is trying to make it sound as if Colorado made 83 million off of the Pro challenge.

I call BS!!!

huge and total BS


chris gibbens 5 years ago

I find the article clearly conveying that the event brought 83 million in revenue, not profit BS'er. Even YVB gave props. How much revenue did the cattle drive on 131 pictured in SB Today Sept 22 bring in? I think hundreds of cows block traffic a bit more than a few bikes on our roads.


1999 5 years ago

okay Biff...Steamboat merchants clearly stated that not many saw an uptick in business for the pro challenge.

so you (and this article) is saying that all of the other towns together made 83 million? really?

I think there were 5 other towns.

also please factor in how much steamboat paid to have them come and how much we gave away to secure a spot.

then do the math.


chris gibbens 4 years, 12 months ago

What don't you all understand about the difference between revenue and profit? Which is what the article was stating. Cattle drive what?? I run a business that gets revenue from many sources...Hicks(of which my customers know they are hicks and proud of it and would put their name to it!) and spandex clad athletes that would kick both your "bottom lines" in anything from crunching numbers to chew spitting. The number of merchants that claim the event did nothing was a simple statement from the article in the paper from not too many businesses. I don't want to buy gift shop crap either like a stupid fake Native American fake tribal doll or a bronze cast sculpture of a cowboy bucking bronc ride of a lifestyle long dead and supported by selling off parcel ranchettes of my grandpappy's homestead. Some businesses thrived during the event and some are as lame as ever. Do I sound as smug as yvb...sweet! "Herding cats" could be a new attraction at your fake ranch to bring in revenue so you can buy more guns to act like a real pioneer and then your guests can spend leftover cash around town in restaurants and hotels after being so exhausted from chasing kitties.


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