Weekend lodging numbers in Steamboat off by 20 percent


— Early season snowfall is a fickle thing, but Steamboat has received a respectable 46 inches of the white gold in October and November. Could it be that Turkey Day travelers are becoming more sensitive to the snow message?

The lodging barometer produced by the Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association on Wednesday foresees 2,800 visitors spending the night in local lodgings Saturday night, down 20 percent from the 3,500 forecasted for Thanksgiving weekend 2010.

This is the first week of the 20-week winter lodging barometer that the Chamber uses to help local businesses plan their staffing.

In a rare occurrence, actual tourism numbers were off 400 from the projected number last year. That was the case despite the fact that Steamboat skiers romped in 90 inches of powder last November on top of 21 inches that fell in October. November 2010 actually produced more snow than December, which chimed in with 73 inches.

Skiers and riders may recall that it was the consistent snow of February and March (84 and 79 inches) last winter that put Steamboat over the 400-inch plateau for the fourth time in six years. And recent history suggests that it doesn’t take a monumental November to get Steamboat to the magic 400 number. Steamboat saw just 23 inches of snowfall in November 2007 and made it all the way to a record 489 inches for the season.

This week’s tourism will be enough to get local lodging properties to 20 percent occupancy, and no segment of the market varies far from that number.

The Chamber’s look ahead already anticipates that 3,100 people will spend the night in town Dec. 3.

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LiftTicketBlues 5 years, 4 months ago

Duh. It has nothing to do with the snow. Lift tickets cost a fortune-even for five and ten day passes. Who's going to use one of those up when there's hardly anything open? I've been skiing here for over 30 years, but lately neither myself nor my friends are willing to shell out for these exorbinant lift tickets unless it's an awesome powder day. Steamboat has successfully priced itself out of the market. Anyone can see there are fewer people on the mountain on any given day. Great marketing strategy.


rhys jones 5 years, 4 months ago

Ski Corp will squeeze every dime they can out of you. In previous years I either drove, when I could, or had a locker there, working for them. This year it's different, and I am hauling gear.

Thoughts of nearby seasonal storage were quickly dashed at SportStalker by a $525 price tag, with a waiting list. I thought I could bypass that with quarter lockers and ski racks -- now things of the past. Lockers are $6/24 hours now, computer controlled, no more keys. I didn't ask what happens to stuff left there over 24 hours, whether it went into a big box, or a dumpster. Locking ski racks are also ancient history.

Grub every dime you can, Ski Corp, steal more with a tax, and earn all our scorn. Boo hoo, not making enough money? I'm sure glad my pass is fully paid, and I don't have to endure that company to ski. Thieves, they are. No less.


MrTaiChi 5 years, 4 months ago

The obvious consequence of failing to promote Scott's slogan, "Pot Town USA." Why they'll be overcrowding the lodging as soon as they understand that Steamboat is the place to ski stoned.


rhys jones 5 years, 4 months ago

MrTaiChi -- I know you are being facetious, because they are getting stoned on every gondie and chairlift in America.

My Deer Valley Ski Instructor friend had a word for it: Twigulation. We've got all these other technical terms -- angulation, edge pressure, up-unweighting -- so whether it's a joint on a chairlift, or bubbler on the gondie, it's all Twigulation.

If you are having problems skiing, it can usually be traced to Twigulation -- either too much, or not enough. In either case, the solution is MORE Twigulation.

This is no secret, though terms may vary. Most of the folks are probably going where the skiing (and et cetera) is cheaper, leaving more money for Twigulation.


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