Michael Ehrlich: Ban pot ads


Much has been said on the pros and cons of banning dispensaries. A middle of the road approach would be to ban only the advertising. This would clean up our newspapers and airwaves, yet still guarantee patients’ access to providers.

The recommending physician could provide a list of these providers. Recreational use has always been around, that is unlikely to change from a ban, but it used to be more discreet.

Additionally the local newspapers should be discouraged from displaying front-page photos of plants and grow rooms. This also promotes the image that we have accepted recreational use, and along with the advertising, makes it appear acceptable to our kids.

Michael Ehrlich

Steamboat Springs


mmjPatient22 5 years, 11 months ago

Mr. Ehrlich-

Do you propose then that this be the only industry that have such stringent restrictions put on it's 1st Amendment rights?


JJ Southard 5 years, 11 months ago

The 3 local dispensaries have agreed to a simple black & white AD that states who we are, where we are located and our contact info. That is all you will see in the coming future for us. The 1st Amendment to the Constitution of America makes it impossible to "ban" the advertisement of anything, unless the advertiser agrees....like the tobacco industry. They came to an agreement with the Gov. Steamboat Springs did not ban the advertisement of MMC's because they can't... But the 3 local MMC's have decided as a group to minimize advertising to it's basics.


Glenn Little II 5 years, 11 months ago

What about all the advertising your children see on the internet for marijuana? Most news and ads our youth read are no longer in the newspaper! Also "The recommending physician could provide a list of these providers." There was a law in HB1284 that keeps the doctor from doing this so maybe you should read the 50+ pages of legislation already before you speak.. You know they sell High Times magazines at the gas station that display marijuana plants and grow rooms people from all around the world submit there grows to be published in. Maybe we should ban dispensaries and just let everyone grow there own pot !!! LEGALIZE MARIJUANA for agricultural reasons...


sledneck 5 years, 11 months ago

I wonder if the majority of people will EVER realize what a treacherous and impossible path we are on all because we have forfeited so much of our decision making power to our rulers.

What in the world gives government or any private citizen the impression that they have any say whatsoever in what I smoke, eat, drink, grow?

When you folks beg for government approval you demonstrate your acquiesence. To do so in so many of ones' basic rights is the height of stupidity.

I am ashamed of many of you and it sorrows me greatly that many of you are allowed anywhere near a voting booth!


freerider 5 years, 11 months ago

we better ban big pharma ads , they kill more people than die on the roads

and better ban cell phones since they are more dangerous than drunks

ban all liquor store ads

hey lets just ban newspapers and books and the truth since nobody can handle it




hereandthere 5 years, 11 months ago

Love the Sledneck comment. Hard to refute his logic. Good old backwoods, patriotic american logic. Power on Sled.


1999 5 years, 11 months ago

I agree strongly with sled...I guess for some people it's just plain easier to be told what to to and have someone else raise your children.


S_G30 5 years, 11 months ago

Although I am not against MMJ, I agree with Mr. Ehrilch. If this is for medical use only, why is it being advertised? MMJ is not pharmaceuticals, and is certainly not liquor where anyone 21 and older has access. I think that if you have read our paper for the past year you would think that it is available for public use. I think that everyone needs to remember that this is a new industry and you are not going to get everything right off the bat. After all a few years ago you would get jail time, as with any drug, for posession.

Your opinion on the effect of MMJ as compared to liqour frankly does not matter, liquor has been around a long time. Give it some time, fight the good fight, and I'll bet you will be surprised.


IoSolUno 5 years, 10 months ago

Marijuana has been around a long time as well. As far as I am concerned, it has always been legal and it will ALWAYS be MY choice to use it or not use it. I care nothing about, nor do I acknowledge ANY law that challenges my personal and individual freedom of choice. This freedom is an inherit right we all possess, yet few have the courage to stand up for it. Thankfully there are those who are willing to fight for their rights and take a stand against those who would rather make our choices for us!
"Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves." ~ABRAHAM LINCOLN, letter to H.L. Pierce, Apr. 6, 1859~


Duster 5 years, 10 months ago

Why is it legal to hang a shingle out the advertises POT for terminally ill patients? I don't see any pharmacies offering discounts on legitimate medicines prescribed by doctors who know what they are doing. Let ban all advertising. Heck if we lined up all of the MMJ patients I bet you would be hard to find one that had a legitimate qualifying need. Anybody who says differently is ignoring the law. The residents voted on it so that patients in real need could have this option. Who cares about the recreational users. Get your own blog and your own law. November is coming and you better suggest some options..otherwise the public will.


housepoor 5 years, 10 months ago

"Heck if we lined up all of the MMJ patients I bet you would be hard to find one that had a legitimate qualifying need."

Then why not go after the doc writing the scripts?


Kevin Nerney 5 years, 10 months ago

Sledneck for Stmbt Mayor and editor in chief of the pilot.


james Patterson 5 years, 10 months ago

Duster..... you are so, so rude. I'll be in that line and if you can tell me another treatment that will provide me any relief without side effects worse that what I already experience, I'll gladly take it. Mr Drs would also probably thank you. While you're at it, pls find a cure...... I'm sure you do know a caregiver, by law, can not provide tincture and salves, which is what provides me some semblance of relief. I'm sure you care. I'm not sure what you're motives are except wanting to dominate over your fellow citizens, but I am sure you have not spent a minute in my shoes. If only you could.......


mmjPatient22 5 years, 10 months ago

Dust- Again, where on God's green earth are you picking up this whole "terminally ill" thing that you're hell-bent on beating to dust? Last I knew, this state's Constitutional Amendment 20 stated that those with WAY LESS than life-threatening illness(es), including but not limited to "chronic pain," are qualified to apply for a license which allows them to LEGALLY use their cannabis for medicinal purpose(s).

Now, if you're none too keen on that idea, maybe you should figure out how to express your opinions on the reasons that it should be otherwise with some measure of dignity. Because I can assure you that you're not properly brandishing the "anti-cannabis" flag for your side. Maybe you should consult with Lisa & Kelly about the main talking points that they'd like you to cover for them? .


bandmama 5 years, 10 months ago

Sometimes I have to shake my head and laugh....because I dont know how else to respond. We will willingly shoot an elk, deer or a bear because humans ran into it with a car. We will put a dog, cat or other family pet down because it is suffering. We will (some of us) recognize the right that Dr. Jack made public, to end our lives in a dignified way. But when some find relief from injesting/smoking a plant extract from something that allows us to maintain some semblance of a normal life, which is at this time "illegal" in most areas,I find it so hard to comprehend those that are against it. There are those that will call it immoral, unjust & illegal...thus making "us" criminals...., and make life really freaking hard. When most of "us" wish/want and STRIVE for a somewhat normal life without dealing with medical issues/side effects. I find it hard to appreciate someones view that is anti-me....for simply trying to be a productive citizen. When that same person will put down (kill) a dog who is in pain, but wont give me as a human.. respect? A dog is not given the same advantage to choose his/her/it's care. WHY is it so hard for me, as a human to be given that same bit of compassion??? NOT that I am for killing ALL sick pets/humans. DONT even go there with cheap shots. But a...compassion for a quailty of life sometimes would be nice. And please realize that while I love my dog he is my very "bestest" friend and companion in the world. If feeding him the tail ends of...(ok cant think of anything gross enough) anything would make his quality of life better. I would go to the ends of the world to do it for him. Most of us would. But so many are afraid to allow MMJ to "infiltrate" the community? Why? FYI, I not only life live here because it is beautiful. I live here because my health HAS improved with a dryer, less humid enviornment. It really isn't just the laid back attitude. I dont hurt as much. And for those that just moved here to ski? Screw ya. I moved here years ago because of family. I NEED to stay here because it makes me a more healthy person. With or with out MMJ. With it, yes I do better. But either way I wont leave. And I wont shut up.


bandmama 5 years, 10 months ago

AND... I sort of did some quick figuring. Keep in mind up till two months ago, I had no health coverage after having it for 25+ years...that ended a year ago. What it would it COST nay-sayers to pay for my health benefits had I made the (very well income based "right" to Medicaid?) choice? A heck of a lot more towards YOUR tax dollars!!! I paid out of pocket for a dr's, once a year physical...the blood pressure is down, not good yet... ALL on the chem profile is NORMAL, all organ functions are normal.. ALL without (for the first time in years) prescription meds. With the exception of blood pressure. It is a genetic disorder. but beside the $40 bucks I spend a month on other "treatments" it hasn't cost people like Dr Lisa a single DIME. ALL out of MY OWN pocket. Where as if I HAD taken the dr's path? Monthly blood work, paid by YOU. Dr visits, paid by YOU... would you really like to pay for my dr's visits? or allow me to, with a dr's advice make my own choices? I would say that I am more than willing to let you pay for my medical care. But that somehow seems...not right with me. But if you are really wanting to pay for my health care and insurance deductions from my earnings. Speak UP! the Pilot has my info and I am MORE than willing to let you pay for it. Ok not really but if you feel so...right in having a voice in my medical care. Go ahead pay for it. I WOULD love to eat a steak on YOUR dollar evey now and then.


Scott Wedel 5 years, 10 months ago

Saw a big pharma ad on a show directed at teens which suggested a prescription contraceptive with all of the potential health consequences especially for long term use or for smokers on a "give it a try" campaign.

Big pharma has so thoroughly corrupted the public perception of their need for prescription drugs and the doctors have become such willing agents in the writing of unneeded or unwise prescriptions that anyone complaining about mmj corrupting the medical profession must have been on Mars for the past decades.

There was a time when prescription drugs could not be advertised that it could be claimed that doctors tried to prescribe what was medically needed, but that has past and now big pharma spend billions on direct to consumer advertising. The effect upon prescription drug usage has shown huge increases for those that are heavily advertised so apparently there are huge numbers of patients that didn't know they needed this or that prescription drug until convinced by advertising.

And somehow that is fine and dandy for prescription drugs with serious side effects, but is intolerable for mmj which medically is far safer.


Phoebe Hackman 5 years, 10 months ago

My favorite ad for a prescription drug is an asthma medication which lists as one of the side effects "asthma related death". Wait ... what? Pharmaceutical companies spend billions of dollars on advertisements featuring beautiful, full-color scenery, and happy, smiling people whose lives seem to be transformed by taking the pill-of-the-day. These companies actually want YOU to convince your doctor that you need these drugs. Why else would they be marketing to consumers? Do you have any idea how many soccer moms are taking their kid's ritalin to get through the day? Sounds pretty recreational to me. But that's not the point ... There are all kinds of scary things out the in world, Michael. Our job as parents is not to shield our children from those things. Our job is to expose them to as much as possible while they are still under our care. Then we are in a position to discuss drugs, alcohol, pot, eating disorders, sex, bullying ... all the things they will have to face when they leave the nest. Honest, open conversation and parents' opinions on these issues will influence our children's decisions more than any advertisement in the Pilot or on TV. Or ... you can try to get advertising banned, so that it's well hidden (that'll really up the fun factor!) and let them find out from their friends.


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