2 Oak Creek residents begin process for medical marijuana vote

Town Board could approve ordinance or take issue to town voters


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Oak Creek Town Board meeting

  • Thursday, May 12, 2011, 7 p.m.
  • Oak Creek Town Hall, 129 Nancy Crawford Boulevard, Oak Creek, CO
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— Oak Creek residents Walter and Ann Trout have begun the process of a citizen-led initiative to ban medical marijuana centers in the town.

According to a memo from Oak Creek Town Clerk Karen Halterman to the Oak Creek Town Board, the Trouts submitted the draft of a petition and a proposed initiative ordinance April 27.

Their proposed ordinance would “prohibit the operation of medical marijuana centers, optional premises cultivation operations and marijuana infused products licenses in the town” and calls for a special election if the town does not adopt the ordinance.

According to Halterman’s memo, the Trouts’ ordinance was submitted to town attorney Bob Weiss. Weiss, Mayor Nikki Knoebel, Halterman and the Trouts met last week to discuss the ordinance and the initiative process.

Weiss outlined three options for the Town Board moving forward: First, the town could adopt the ordinance. Second is to set the special election and allow residents to decide.

The third option is to do nothing, which would give the Trouts the right to resubmit their petition with the required number of signatures. The Colorado Revised Statues require 5 percent of registered voters from the most recent election to sign the petition, which in this case amounts to 35 signatures from Oak Creek voters, according to the memo.

If those signatures are gathered, the town must adopt the ordinance or set a special election.

Ann Trout said Wednesday that the work she and her husband have done is nothing more than similar initiative petitions in other Western Slope communities such as Palisade, Grand Junction and Buena Vista.

“We think that it would be best for the town of Oak Creek and the community to let voters decide whether or not they want commercialized marijuana facilities in town,” she said. “Right now, we don’t have any expectations of what’s going to happen in the future. We respect the work that Nikki (Knoebel) does, so we’ll let them work through this.”

Also at Thursday’s meeting, the board is scheduled to discuss a new board vacancy. Lawrence Jaconetta submitted a letter of resignation one year into his term. Jaconetta was not present at the April 28 board meeting. Later that evening, Jaconetta was arrested by the Routt County Sheriff’s Office on suspicion of harassment and menacing. He is accused of leaving threatening messages for a Phippsburg resident regarding the medical marijuana issue.

At the meeting, the town also will continue the discussion about a proposed ordinance on the collection of unpaid utility bills, consider a resolution on a supplemental budget appropriation and a resolution on a trash rate increase of $1 per month to reflect rising costs.

For more information, call the town clerk at 970-736-2422.

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muck 6 years ago

Yea buddy. It's put up or shut up time. Democracy at it's finest!


1999 6 years ago

I think someone should begin the process of banning alchohol dispensaries.


kathy foos 6 years ago

Please add to that petition something like"Do not allow 21 year old punks in Oak Creek to buy alcohol for a nineteen year old,drive his car, wreck it , hit him and leave him in the forest for dead?" If people wanted to ban a dispensary,why not speak up at an earlier time?Why didn't they speak up before the money was invested'?Consider what harm will be done to businesses that the town previously approved for operation.Its like" Ok you can do it( just kidding)"Just faking them out?


jerry carlton 6 years ago

1999 There used to be "dry" counties in Texas. Do not know if they still have them as I have not lived there in 40 years. Does Colorado state law allow that?


1999 6 years ago


Colorado specifically allows cities and counties to exercise a local option by public referendum whether to go dry



Scott Wedel 6 years ago

Town might as well also consider dissolving and becoming county administered like Phippsburg or Stagecoach.

A Town with all sorts of commercial vacancies and commercial rent close to zero is going to considering banning the one business category that has been investing and trying to improve their businesses? Why would any business ever invest in Oak Creek again when the Town could decide to wipe it out?

The streets of Phippsburg and Stagecoach are much better maintained than those in Oak Creek. How many towns have sat by and watched paved streets deteriorate into dirt streets that now receive mag chloride to limit the dust? And the saddest part is the town even failed to make a decision on street maintenance so they failed to grind up the asphalt and make a superior road base. Nope, it just heaves and subsidies due to moisture penetration and hunks of asphalt get dragged away.


sledneck 6 years ago

Oak Creek and many other governing bodies seem to suffer from the same 2 afflictions... Utter incompetance and/ or corruption in leadership coupled with astounding ignorance, illiteracy, apathy and greed in the electorate.


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