Pit bulls suspected of killing dog in Milner

One of the dogs was destroyed and the other has been quarantined



Tiny, the poodle-schnauzer mix that was killed Wednesday.

— One pit bull has been destroyed and another has been quarantined after they are thought to have killed a 13-pound poodle-schnauzer mix named Tiny on Wednesday morning in Milner.

Routt County Undersheriff Ray Birch said the attack occurred shorty before 9 a.m. at 21365 W. U.S. Highway 40 in an alley.

Milner Mobile Home Park resident Vickie Szumski reported the attack. She said Thursday that she was in her kitchen Wednesday morning and looked out a window and saw the two pit bulls standing over the body of something. Szumski said she went outside to investigate.

“As soon as I closed the door and started coming, they charged me,” Szumski said. “I took off my raincoat and started whipping it in the air to keep them away from me.”

She got to Tiny’s body and went and told the owner, who Szumski said lives next door.

“I said, ‘Tell me Tiny is inside,’” Szumski said.

The owner of the pit bulls then drove by looking for the dogs, Szumski said.

Szumski said Tiny’s owner, Lina Grant, took her to the vet but the dog died on the way.

“It’s ridiculous,” Szumski said. “It could have been a child.”

Birch said he did not want to release the name of the person who owned the pit bulls. He said that by the time the owner of the pit bulls had been contacted, the owner had chosen to destroy one of them and was hoping to keep the other. Birch said the pit bull has been put into quarantine at the Steamboat Springs Animal Shelter.

Animal Control officer Cindy DelValle is investigating the attack, Birch said.

“The investigation is ongoing, and we do expect to issue a complaint to the owner,” he said.

Grant said seeing Tiny badly injured was tramatizing.

“My little dog couldn’t defend herself against these two powerhouses,” Grant said. “It’s devastating to see my dog the way she was.”

Grant said there should be a discussion in the community about aggressive dogs.

“Pit bulls have a bad reputation in many areas,” Grant said. “Partly it’s the dog, and partly it’s the owner.”

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heboprotagonist 5 years, 11 months ago

Just a hunch, but I'm pretty sure all three dogs were out "roaming" the neighborhood. All dogs should be fenced or on a leash with their owner when outside- regardless of size or breed.

When I was a child, my mother had a toy poodle that was the most vicious dog on the block. Nobody could go near my mom without that beast taking a sizeable chunk out of your hand or ankle.

Let's not make this into another "all pit-bulls are bad" story. 100% of a dog's aggressiveness can be blamed on the owner- Just ask my mom.


MsRed 5 years, 11 months ago

It is sad that these senseless deaths of 2 (maybe 3) dogs happened. I do have to agree though, you can't just let your dog(s) out with no supervision from the owner.

I have a very small chihuahua, we also live with 2 large pit mixes and a boxer (yes all 4 are buddies)- thankfully the owners of the dogs we live with are responsible and have taken the time to understand their dogs and their breed. Additionally they have taken the time to teach their dogs proper behavior, and the most important thing is they continue to train every day- All dogs walk on leash and off leash (when we are away from populated areas) they all do very well, come on command and know not to run off, chase other dogs (except in structured play time).

People need to take pet ownership more serious than they do- there are so many senseless things that happen to animals every day- and it is ALL the Owners fault- no matter what, the dog did not walk up to you and say "Hey you seem nice, I think I will come live with you, ok?" Animals react to energy, you have bad or passive energy; you likely have a crazy pet who is uncontrollable and scared because you as the Owner have given them that.

Seriously, there should be a course you are required to take and a test you have to pass before you are allowed the responsibility of taking care of a living being (human or pet). IMO

Again , very sad that so many people and pets were negatively effected. I hope all hearts heal in time.


ns0121 5 years, 11 months ago

As a Milner Resident, this is very sad. We are small, tight community, where kids play outside everywhere and feel safe. Dogs may get out and roam, but the neighbors know whos dog it is and can trust them. For somebody to own dogs like this that simply cannot be trusted is not ok. Its not the breed, it is the owners. Pit's can be very friendly if taken care of properly. Glad to hear the dogs are being taken care of and kids can play not feeling like they will be attacked by dogs.


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