Man agrees to 6 months in jail in library stabbing

Adam Huber pleaded no contest to misdemeanor assault



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Adam Crawford Huber

— The man who admitted in Routt County Court on Wednesday that he stabbed a teenager’s hand during a fight April 4 at Bud Werner Memorial Library has been sentenced to six months in jail.

Adam Huber, 40, agreed to a deal negotiated by his attorney, Routt County Public Defender Sheryl Uhlmann, and Chief Deputy District Attorney Rusty Prindle. Huber pleaded no contest to misdemeanor third-degree assault. The District Attorney’s office had originally charged Huber with felony second-degree assault.

Exactly what took place April 4 at the library will not come forth in a criminal trial. After talking to witnesses and those involved in the incident, police believed three teenage boys were being “loud, obnoxious and inappropriate” on the balcony near a windowsill where Huber was resting. Huber confronted the boys about their behavior calmly, according to witnesses, and it escalated into a fight involving two of the boys and Huber. Huber was arrested after stabbing one of the boys in the hands and has remained in jail.

Uhlmann and Prindle said they chose to compromise because the case presented challenges for both sides.

“It eliminates the risk,” Prindle said.

People convicted of a Class 4 felony such as felony second-degree assault face a minimum two-year prison sentence. Uhlmann said she would have argued that Huber stabbed the boy in self-defense and that Huber does not have a history of violence.

With the six-month sentence, Huber will get credit for the time he has served in jail, and an 18-month protection order will bar Huber from having contact with the teens. Huber will be able to have contact with the teens if they choose to participate in what lawyers called a restorative justice session. As part of the deal, Huber agreed to participate in the session, the likes of which are used frequently in larger Colorado cities but have not been used in criminal cases in Routt.

Prindle described the restorative justice session as a way for those involved to have a civil discussion about what happened, why it happened, what impact it had on the community and what could be done differently to keep something similar from happening. The details of the session still are being worked out, but Uhlmann said it would be paid for in part by the public defender’s office and would encompass a mediator, library officials, the teens if they choose to participate and Huber.

“The victim can say, ‘This is what you did to me, and this is how it impacted my life,’” Prindle said.

Routt County Judge James Garrecht acknowledged that the restorative justice session is used in other courts but that it would be a new practice here.

“A lot of people who are believers in the restorative justice system swear by it,” Garrecht said.

He called the agreement reasonable.

“It may not be what I would have done, but nonetheless, it’s reasonable,” Garrecht said.

The 14-year-old boy who was stabbed was in the courtroom with his mother.

Before accepting the plea agreement, Garrecht asked if the boy’s hand was expected to fully heal. The boy’s mother said it was and showed Garrecht the scars on the boy’s hands.

The mother and the boy said they supported the plea agreement. The boy also said he intended to participate in the restorative justice session.

Huber also addressed the court during Wednesday’s hearing. He told Garrecht he did not want to stab the boy.

“I’ve never been choked that hard in my life and couldn’t get away,” Huber said. “I wish there was some way to get out of it without cutting him.”

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MrTaiChi 5 years, 12 months ago

So..... he stabbed the Ute in the hands to stop the choking, narrowly missing his own carotid artery. This is justice? At least there will be a psychological moratorium on obstreperous acting out in the library. It should be safe to sleep there for a couple of weeks.


mtroach 5 years, 12 months ago

What about a harrasment charge for the teens?


housepoor 5 years, 12 months ago

so Huber was being shoked by 2 teems before he pulled the knife? No wonder the teens are ok with the plea agreement


Colette Erickson 5 years, 12 months ago

And perhaps, as part of restorative justice, Huber can say to the teens "...this is what you did and this is how it impacted my life...."


Brian Kotowski 5 years, 12 months ago

Unfortunately, it's 3 of them, and only one of him - they said, he said. I have a friend at the library who tells me these particular kids had been a royal pain for quite some time.

Sounds like all parties are getting off pretty easy; particularly the boys.


housepoor 5 years, 12 months ago

So a question to gun advocates. If you legally had a concealed weapon and were in the position(a fair amount of presumptions here) Mr. Huber was, would it have been appropriate to draw your weapon? Fire if you thought your safetylife was in danger?
Not sure if it was luck or intended that only the hand was stabbed of the person doing the choking.


freerider 5 years, 12 months ago

My kids go to school with these teens and from what I've heard it's the teens that should be in jail and they think harassing homeless people is fun fun fun ...


Brian Kotowski 5 years, 12 months ago


A red herring, with all due respect. Mr. Huber is clearly among the walking wounded, and not playing with a full deck. One of these kids had his hands around Mr. Huber's throat, and Mr. Huber did what he believed was necessary to protect himself. The system has found Mr. Huber guilty of a felony, and penalized him appropriately.

I'm a frequent patron of our library, and you'll never find me snoozing there. I'm also the holder of a Colorado Concealed Weapons permit, which I've never never used in Steamboat. Had I been in the "teen area" during the boys' assault on Mr. Huber, I (and every other adult I know) would have intervened and stopped it. These kids obviously saw the homeless, unkempt, slumbering Mr. Huber as target of opportunity, and allowed their adolescent machismo to get out of control. I'll wager a year's pay they would have never have even considered the same tactic against you or I. I'll also wager that had a responsible adult been present in the "teen area" at the time, the boys would never have molested Mr. Huber in the first place.


rhys jones 5 years, 12 months ago

Just one minor correction to a post above: Mr. Huber pled to a misdemeanor, this one a far cry from a felony, which I think is appropriate, under the circumstances, (the former) to mollify all involved. Mr Huber gets to fatten up at RCSO for a while -- I highly recommend the biscuits and gravy. He'll come out with a clean head, to progress as he chooses. I only regret that the teen brats walk away smugly; score a point for the entitled. They have tried my patience as well.

That will be the extent of my contribution this time; aren't we all relieved?


looking4justice 5 years, 9 months ago

Adam, an honorably discharged Veteran of the United States Army, has filed for a reconsideration of his sentence. Adam has served more than half of his sentence, had exemplary behavior at RCDC, and completed the Restorative Justice meeting. With a large support network in this community, we urge the Court to release Adam. Thank You!


rhys jones 5 years, 9 months ago

I hope Mr. Huber finds a job and place to stay upon his release, now being clean and well-groomed (relatively). Otherwise he might start missing Mama's Jail Cooking, which really isn't bad, best B&G in town. Things get tight in this corner occasionally, making me miss it myself. It's almost enough to make me start driving again.


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