Mountain biking trail work at Steamboat Ski Area pushes forward

Forest Service again asks for public comments on proposal


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— The good news for local mountain bikers is that organizers hope the first trails of the planned downhill mountain bike park at Steamboat Ski Area will be shovel-ready by early July.

What exact changes will come to the mountain’s trail network remains up for debate, however, and after spending the winter considering information gathered during fall’s opportunity for public comment, the U.S. Forest Service has released a new plan and is again asking for input.

“We’re still moving forward,” said the Forest Service’s Kent Foster, recreation manager for the Hahn’s Peak/Bears Ears Ranger District. “If we keep moving forward with the proposal, the timeline would allow for some trail construction to occur this summer. That was the goal from the get-go.”

The Forest Service’s newest modifications to the ski area’s proposal — developed with public input and after internal studies on the potential environmental effects of the new system — limit the scale of the initial work on the mountain and address some of the concerns raised during the previous public comment period.

The Forest Service proposes to approve 20 miles of new trail instead of the 36 originally projected to go along with the 28.4 miles of existing trail. Four new downhill-only trails of varying degrees of difficulty still would be included, as would a short, beginner connecting trail leading downhillers to the base of the ski area.

“Our hydrologists said, ‘Let’s develop a few trails and see if there are effects before moving all the way forward,’” Foster said.

Two proposed bunches of trails — a pack of expert trails near Concentration and Vagabond and a pack of blue trails north of Concentration — are being shelved for the first go-round.

“This opens the door for us to begin building trails to get us started,” said Jim Schneider, Steamboat Ski Area vice president of skier services. “Assuming everything is copacetic with those trails, we can keep going.”

Other proposed changes from last summer’s plan include increased focus on maintaining uphill biking options while nixing potential uphill-only trails that were expected to bracket the downhill park.

“We heard from the public,” Foster said. “They want to be able to bike uphill, too, but maybe let’s not limit it to uphill-only, but make it multiuse. Riding uphill you can get tired or hurt, and we don’t want to make someone have to keep going if they don’t want to.”

The proposal also still suggested turning Creekside trail into a downhill-only venue, a change after years of controversy because the trail — used heavily by downhill bikers — always has officially been two-way.

Although the overall proposal isn’t expected to be green-lighted until midsummer, Foster said he expected Creekside to be downhill-only as soon as the trails open late this spring.

The Yoo Hoo trail also will be converted to downhill-only status from the top of See Ya to the base.

Creekside would remain downhill-only until the completion of the first real downhill trail. A 2.5-mile intermediate trail leading from the top of the gondola to the base of the ski area, tracing downward near the existing Valley View trail, is expected to be the first constructed.

An intermediate jumps trail with features for all levels of riders also is proposed on the mountain. A 2.5-mile expert trail is planned to run to the bottom of the Thunderhead Express chairlift, and a beginner downhill trail will connect the Thunderhead lift area with the ski area base.

“We’re just excited to get going as soon as everything gets approved,” Schneider said. “We’ll be ready to go as soon as we have the final word.”

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addlip2U 6 years, 1 month ago

"Creekside would remain downhill-only until the completion of the first real downhill trail." Does that mean that once the "real downhill trail" is built, Creekside will be designated for hikers and posted as such?


exduffer 6 years, 1 month ago

No, they may get tired or hurt and we don't want that do we?


Andrew Bisbee 6 years, 1 month ago

36 miles of trails would be amazing, but is only the start of what could be done. Creating a mountain biking destination will bring money to town. Lift access biking is exactly like skiing and why not have year round fun. Designating trails downhill only removes the danger of someone getting seriously hurt and is just smart.

There are hiking only trails already on the mountain and I'm sure more will follow as trails get developed in phases.

This is a good thing and whining about nonsense won't help the cause of more trails. Let's get behind ski corp and make the mountain more fun for all in the summer.


bhad 6 years, 1 month ago

Do they need any volunteers to help make this happen? I'm tired of having to driving to Winter Park to get some good downhill runs. Creekside should be a downhill only trail plenty of other hiking trails on the mountain and around town.


mtroach 6 years, 1 month ago

What we neesd to do is get behind the USFS and give them a swift kick to get these trails approved so that ski corp can put a shovel in the dirt asap. I cannot belive these proposed trails are not through the approval process.


1999 6 years, 1 month ago

mt roach. It's been this way for 12 years.

lots of talk.

little action.


mike sharkey 6 years, 1 month ago

don't they actually have to start work in order for it to push forward? same story as last year except they are already saying that they are going to do less than "planned". maybe they should start by mapping a trail on the land that they lease, therefore eliminating a lot of EXTRA red many years of environmental studies will this take? what about all of the previous studies? judging by the past two (or 12) years it should be another spring full of lip service with no action.


Kent Foster 6 years, 1 month ago

Thanks for your interest in this project. To clarify a comment made on Creekside Trail, on page 6 of the request for comments letter states that it will revert back to multi-directional/multi-use trail once a DH trail is finished, (thanks to the Steamboat Pilot and today for attaching it here!). The document also explains terms used, to clarify things. Let us know if it's still confusing, and send us comments using methods described in the article.


mike sharkey 6 years, 1 month ago

mr. Bisbee, if ski corp. actually got these projects going there would be something to get behind. Instead all we hear are grandios developement plans that continue to get shelved until an undetermined date. Actions speak louder than words and so far the actions or LACK OF ACTION from Ski Corp. is saying a lot.


jack legrice 6 years ago

Fortress has milked whatever profit the mt. makes. They barely will have the money to replace the haul rope on one of the lifts. Employees haven't had a raise in years. So don't put all the blame on the forest service. Good luck on getting the money for the trails. The upper management needs to grow a set and stand up to Fortress.


exduffer 6 years ago

oneski- I bet you held your breath until your parents gave you a new car.


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