Don Meyer: Don’t ban plastic bags


First, let me say that I’m a firm proponent of reduce, reuse and recycle. But to eliminate plastic grocery bags is the wrong approach to consider.

It’s one thing for locals to have reusable bags, but what about the tourists?

When they make reservations for their $500 a night condo, are you going to tell them to make sure to bring their reusable grocery bags?

Let’s not make more obstructions and excuses for people not to visit. As a property owner, I can tell you that only in the last year or so has our condo added recycling bins.

I think if you step up the recycling efforts (which all visitors would be familiar with), we can cut down on more than just the bags going to the landfill.

Don Meyer

Le Claire, Iowa


heboprotagonist 6 years, 1 month ago

All nanny-state comments aside, Mr. Meyers comments are myopic at best.

To begin with, have you ever heard of paper bags? All the best supermarkets have them. So, no need to worry little tourista- we got you covered.

Also, I was just on Kauai. They've been banned from the entire island, and us tourists got our groceries just fine. If the lack of plastic grocery bags frightens you, then we charged you too little for your condo.


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