Construction worker Gary Wall talks Monday about legal help he’s seeking along with at least 14 other workers from the Kyteler’s Irish Pub site. At left is Steve Weinland, of Aces High Services. Workers say they are owed for labor since January. Many walked off the site earlier this month. Attorney Ralph Cantafio said Kyteler’s could owe a total of more than $150,000 to people involved with the pub and restaurant’s renovations.

Photo by John F. Russell

Construction worker Gary Wall talks Monday about legal help he’s seeking along with at least 14 other workers from the Kyteler’s Irish Pub site. At left is Steve Weinland, of Aces High Services. Workers say they are owed for labor since January. Many walked off the site earlier this month. Attorney Ralph Cantafio said Kyteler’s could owe a total of more than $150,000 to people involved with the pub and restaurant’s renovations.

Unpaid Steamboat Springs workers seek legal help

Contractors, subs say paychecks 2 months overdue from Kyteler’s



Workers considering legal action against ownership of Kyteler's Irish Pub, which they say owes them for work since January, include, from left, carpenter Gary Wall; mason Miguel Diaz Martinez; Steve Weinland, of Aces High Services; painter Marcelo Flores-Yanez; former bar manager Mark Ferro; and carpenter Chris O'Konski.

— At least 15 workers involved with construction of Kyteler’s Irish Pub in Steamboat Springs are seeking legal help to secure owed money that could total more than $150,000, according to a local attorney.

The tense labor situation has intensified during the past couple of weeks and included rumors of a possible protest outside the unopened pub and restaurant on St. Patrick’s Day. Kyteler’s — pronounced “Ket-lers” — occupies a corner location at Wildhorse Marketplace on Mount Werner Road. Some workers walked off the job site earlier this month. The protest never materialized as negotiations continued last week, but on Monday, workers decided to go public with their concerns.

Local carpenter Gary Wall said he’s owed $7,500 for work at Kyteler’s.

“Gary and I are three weeks away from being kicked out of our home because we can’t pay the rent,” his wife, Teri Wall, said Monday.

Carpenter Chris O’Konski said he’s owed about $8,500 for 429 hours on the site.

“Some of us are sleeping in our trucks, some of us are behind on our mortgage payments,” electrician Dave Freideman said.

Several workers said they did receive a paycheck this month, for work in December, but have received nothing for January through March.

Kyteler’s owner Gerry Howard could not be reached Monday and did not return repeated phone calls last week.

Kerry Shea is director of sales and marketing for Resort Ventures West, which manages Wildhorse Marketplace. He said Howard “has satisfied all the conditions on the lease to this point,” but declined to comment further. Shea said Kyteler’s has received its temporary certificate of occupancy, but he did not know when the pub might open.

The general contractor on the site was GCH Contracting, which Howard owns.

Several workers met Monday with attorney Ralph Cantafio, of The Law Office of Ralph A. Cantafio.

“I’ve had direct contact with about 15 people,” Cantafio said. “In some of those capacities I’ve dealt with an individual who had another three or four people working under them.”

Cantafio said he was gathering paperwork to compile a total amount allegedly owed to workers, vendors and suppliers on the Kyteler’s project.

“It looks like it’s going to be north of $150,000, but how much that is, it’s hard to say,” Cantafio said. “It doesn’t seem like there were a lot of formal written contracts.”

Cantafio said he was continuing to receive inquiries from Kyteler’s workers Monday.

“That claim may grow,” Cantafio said. “Some of the people that are owed money aren’t even in town anymore.”

He said legal action could occur under Colorado’s mech­­anics’ lien law, which provides a pathway for laborers to secure payment for work or services. Cantafio said if resolution doesn’t occur, the issue could reach district court.

Steve Weinland, owner of the trash removal company Aces High Services, said similar situations are “happening way too often in this valley” amid a struggling regional construction industry.

Weinland said he’s owed $3,200 for work at Kyteler’s since December.

“I haven’t seen a dime,” Weinland said Monday.

James Music, of Ultra Mechanical, spoke cautiously about a potential resolution between workers and Kyteler’s ownership.

“If things go right, everybody should be paid up by the end of the week — supposedly,” Music said. “But I don’t see that happening.”

Gerry and Siobian Howard initially planned to open Kyteler’s in March or April 2010. Gerry Howard declined to comment last month about the delays.

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garywallabr 6 years ago

In the above story I am listed as a Carpenter/Laborer, I am actually a Carpenter & finish carpenter, not a laborer.


stagecoacher 6 years ago

Until Kyteler's pays up the alleged moneys due, I will allegedly boycott this place, and so will all my alleged friends and family!! If this goes unresolved I don't predict a rosy future for this business venture.


bcpow 6 years ago

Wildhorse is cursed. This place won't last a year.


TEEJAY1309 6 years ago

Stagecoacher, the monies due are not alleged. These guys worked up to 70 hrs a week and deserved to be paid for the work they did.


Fred Duckels 6 years ago

This is the construction industry, and it can be a mine field. I always liken it to tip toeing thru the tulips.


Mike Lawrence 6 years ago

Thanks for the heads up, Gary. I've changed the story and photo caption. We'll have a correction on the front page of tomorrow's newspaper, as well.

Mike Lawrence Reporter Steamboat Pilot & Today 970-871-4233


stagecoacher 6 years ago

Teejay, I used the word "alleged" simply as a legal protection against lawsuit. As a tradesman myself I ABSOLUTELY agree that these folks deserve to be paid for the work they did. Nothing pisses me off more than a GC who screws his subs. That includes some of the bigger GCs in town who use "billing dates/check run dates" to extend the time to get paid to 40-90 days after the work is complete.

As I said before, if this is not cleared up, then I will be boycotting the establishment, and telling all who will listen as well.


TEEJAY1309 6 years ago

Stagecoacher, really did not for that to come out the wrong way, my apologies. And you are so right and some of those bigger companies and I'm sure those workers will appreciate your support.


keco2000 6 years ago

This is very sad and unfortunately the amount of money they will make "if they do open" will not even begin to pay all of these construction workers back. Something needs to be done to prevent this type of thing from happening. It is absolutely outrageous and this business needs to be held accountable. Opening a business with a reputation like this is not going to be easy. I wish everyone luck in getting paid. A concerned citizen from the east coast.


babette dickson 6 years ago

This owner, who is obviously going under water already before opening, will not see a dollar from my local crowd. He is a blood sucker and the curse of the valley will take him out of here! There's no place for a business person like him around us, and we don't want a person like him here anyway... And I post this on my FB...


Scott Wedel 6 years ago

He will not be the first person in dire straits hoping to make money after opening to pay off everyone owed.

If he is living large off of the money not paid then it is easy to hate him.

But it looks like he has simply run out of money. And if that is the case then to avoid a bankruptcy that hurts everyone then it'll need to make money after it opens.

Hopefully, the owner is the sort of person that pays off everyone else before he pays himself and makes it is easy for the public to feel good coming to his establishment.


lessworkmoreskiing 6 years ago

I did some business with Gerry (the owner) a few years ago - his tab with me was only $150. Took MONTHS and tons of phone calls to get that from him. It was ridiculous. Hope it works out for the workers here!

You simply can't come into Steamboat as a new business and do this to people. The town will never support you or your operations.

There are too many businesses in this town that slit their own throats...


mtroach 6 years ago

Lawyer says "it dosen't seem as if their were a lot of formal written contracts"

This should serve as a wake up for anyone doing business with just a handshake. Know the law and understand that unless you stipulate the terms of payment many times quick payment is just a nice gesture and not required by law. Not to side with the GC but if you want something to happen, get it in writing before starting work. Good labor and quality work should be rewarded by promt payment, but unless its in writing, you are at the mercy of the GC. It only takes one poor performing GC to drive this home.

That said I won't be patronizing this establishment till I hear everyone is paid in full.


blue_spruce 6 years ago

Thanks for the clarification there Gary. And with that, your work at Kyteler's just became the centerpiece of your portfolio of work. Can't wait to see the final product! (and we are all labores, last time I checked...)


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