Substance abuse prevention group to survey residents

Grand Futures to use results to create youth programming



To complete the survey, which will be available online until March 16, go to For more information email Grand Futures Prevention Coalition Routt County Coordinator Kate Marshall at kate@grandfutures...

— Grand Futures Prevention Coalition will use results from three local surveys to create programming that supports its efforts to promote healthy lifestyles through alternatives to substance abuse for local youths.

But before it can do that, it has to conduct the final survey. Routt County residents can participate in the 2011 community survey online at www.survey until March 16.

“Our big thing is really trying to change the favorable norms about youth substance abuse,” Grand Futures Managing Director Dervla Lacy said. “Engaging community members’ thoughts about (youth abuse of) alcohol, tobacco and other drugs is an important piece of that.”

Questions range from “How much of an issue is underage drinking in our community?” to “Do you believe there should be a limit on medical marijuana dispensaries in our community” and “How confident do you feel that you are safely disposing of prescription drugs?”

Grand Futures, which serves Moffat, Grand and Routt counties, released results from a survey of 852 Steamboat Springs, Hayden and South Routt school district sixth- through 12th-graders in November. It plans to release results from a survey of 235 parents at a workshop called Raising Teens in Routt County Today co-hosted with the Routt County Youth Services Coalition Parent Empowerment Task Force from 6 to 7:30 p.m. March 31.

Lacy said a combination of all survey results would drive future prevention efforts.

“The ultimate goal is to change the norms, but how do we do that? It’s through our programming,” Lacy said. “The data will help us modify and develop new and innovative ways to address the issues that are the foremost in the community.”

Grand Futures Routt County Coordinator Kate Marshall said the organization hopes that 1,000 community members take the grant- and state-funded survey. She said the survey is about 20 questions long and takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

Grand Futures hopes to release the results in summer.


Scott Wedel 6 years, 2 months ago

Not a single question in the survey about long term prescription drug use to deal with behavior issues. As if teaching kids that using drugs to deal with emotional and mood issues doesn't imply that they could do the same via self medicating via pot or alcohol.

And no way to express that the big alcohol issue is binge drinking. We have this bizarro world where we are using the exactly wrong approach because studies have shown that teaching kids not to drink at all is creating binge drinkers. That the kids best able to deal with alcohol are those that can have a glass at wine with dinner with their parents. That kids are better off being taught how to have a drink and stop.

Oh well, just another survey designed to get the desired results to justify their funding.


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