Chelsea Soderberg: Disenchanted local


I would just like to express my disappointment in the “old-time locals” of Steamboat Springs. You know who they are. However old or young, they are the individuals who think Walgreens is the devil, wish Old Town Pub was still a hospital and want to ride a horse to work every day. The previous statements may be extreme, but these are the people who never want Steamboat to change and wish that we could go back in time 100 years and freeze town in the state that it was in “the good ol’ days.” Benjamin Franklin once said, “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” This may come as a surprise to some of you, but Steamboat isn’t finished.

All of this disenchantment came for me after attending what was supposed to be a work session or discussion that turned into an argument about the bike jumps that are built on city property. Yes, these jumps were built illegally over the past eight years — everyone knew that. But that was not the agenda of what was supposed to be a positive work session.

The things I heard and saw from locals at this meeting were truly astonishing. Do we only share our “Steamboat spirit” with tourists? I suppose I arrived at this get-together with a bull’s-eye on my chest purely by walking up the wrong side of the hill with a crew of freeride bikers, but the way I (along with others) was treated was totally uncalled for. This was my first time up to those jumps, but the way I was looked at and spoken to you would have thought I was right there with the crew that did all the work.

I am a six-year Steamboat resident who pays taxes, supports the town’s kids in all of their fundraisers and makes sure to buy local to support this great place we live. Never in my life have I been treated the way I was at this meeting. I am also new to the biking community and quickly falling in love with such a great sport. Seeing that bike area brought a smile to my face knowing that this or something like it could one day be a part of our community, Bike Town USA.

I commend the city and Parks and Recreation leaders for the way they handled the heated meeting. They were extremely professional and took note of comments from both sides of the argument even if they were totally uncalled for. Thank you, I do not envy your position.

It is a great thing when members of the community take ownership of their town; they just need to recognize that they share that feeling of ownership with many. Just because it is near your house or backyard does not mean it’s yours.

Chelsea Soderberg

Steamboat Springs


steamboatsprings 5 years, 10 months ago

Very unfortunate that they treated you like that but you were just as judgmental in your opening comments on Walgreens etc.


mtroach 5 years, 10 months ago

Pilot, Could you please do your job and explain what Chelsea is referring to in this letter. Dirt Jumps? Parks& Rec? Just the usual reporter stuff; Who? What? When? Where? How? Why?


Chris Elliott 5 years, 10 months ago

Chelsea, I appreciate your letter. I too was at the work session. I disagree with you on several points. first being that Parks and Rec handled it in a professional manner. Yes, several times Chris Wilson said, "so noted" but did you notice that he did not have pen and paper? All of the notes are in his head, and from previous dealings wiith him, he has a very selective memory. It will be interesting to see what happens at the July 13th meeting. Over the last eight years this passive open space has been dramaticlly altered. The extreme jumps were not constructed with tourists in mind. As the one gentleman said, there is a core group of ten people that use it. This group's destruction of the passive open space will cost the tax payers thousands of dollars to repair and even more if and when somebody gets.

MTroach. The jumps can be accessed from Fish Creek Falls across from Harwig Circle. Go up the path under the large power lines. You will see an extreme jump track with jumps six to eight feet high. You will be amazed at the illegal earth moving activity that has gone on.


bhad 5 years, 10 months ago

These jumps have been there for 8 years and now its a problem? I use the jumps every now and then and the kids/guys are always friendly and it's very clean up there no trash anywhere. I just don't understand whats the problem? It's no different than the BMX track or pump track just more fun. Too many haters in this world today. Live and let live.


grundy 5 years, 10 months ago

So what's the griping point with these jumps? Just that they're not sanctioned, or is there some tangible negative effect? I'm not suggesting people should be able to frivolously alter public open space, I'm just wondering if there is something more substantive behind the complaints.


Cory Prager 5 years, 10 months ago

(For the Kids) Settle down all the bike users at that work session are homeowners and taxpayers of our community. Just because you own a fancy house near public property does not mean its only yours so please get off your pedestal.We are all equal user groups and would all like to have public areas to recreate. I understand that the building of these jumps did not go through the correct proceses so we will continue to be educated through the public proccess and work with the City and local cycling groups to have more Skills Parks/ Jump Parks for us to ride. Right now there are few areas for freeride/gravity cyclist to ride here in Steamboat. I am looking forward to the new trails on the mountain and possible new parks for us ride. Instead of certain types of cyclist just leaving (bill schurman) its way more fun to stand up for what you beleive in and try and make a difference in our community.


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