Michael Bird: Say no to severance pay


— When our new school superintendent is hired, I hope our School Board breaks the insidious practice of including any severance pay. If a person cannot do an acceptable job, the employee in any trade or profession should be fired. There is never a need to pay a huge amount to an employee whose performance was inadequate.

Sometimes a two-week paycheck is provided to a terminated employee, so I suggest this amount should be a maximum that is to be paid to our new and all future superintendents. In the past, tens of thousands of dollars have been wasted in payments to superintendents whose contracts were terminated when the money should have gone to our students. Please do not make that mistake again.

Michael Bird

Steamboat Springs


snowbirds 5 years, 9 months ago

AMEN... Right on Mr. Bird. Hope the School Board hears you LOUD and CLEAR!


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