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Luke Graham

Luke Graham: Never complain again, Boston

Enjoy your good luck while it lasts


Luke Graham

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— Good ole Boston.

From the Puritans, the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party, there is a lot of history in Massachusetts’ finest.

But how about these past 10 years?

Four major sports teams. All four have won.

I congratulate you, Boston fan. You just went through the greatest decade of fandom in the history of sports.

No town has an equal claim. Twelve states feature teams from four major-league sports (NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB).

For the most part, the other 11 have ups and downs with their teams. None has done what you just accomplished. Outside of New York, which has nine major-league teams — five play in New Jersey — and can claim something close, Boston has reigned supreme.

Full disclosure: I dislike Boston teams.

I thought it was cool when Tom Brady and Bill Belichick beat the heavily favored St. Louis Rams in 2001. The Boston Red Sox victory in 2004 was iconic in the way they did it.

The Celtics’ win in 2008 was fine. Now the Bruins this year. A tip of the hat to longtime Bruins fan Keith Thibodeau, who can now die in peace.

Enough of the congratulations, however. I never, ever want to hear a Boston fan ever complain about anything again.


Don’t ever complain again. Unless you’re a diehard New England Revolution soccer fan, you don’t get to complain.

You all are due some very bad luck from the sports gods. It’s just the way things work. If Brady goes down with a career-ender this year, that’s retribution. If the Red Sox commit five errors in the deciding game of the American League Championship Series, it’s fair. If Kevin Garnett’s knees explode, Paul Pierce’s back disintegrates and Rajon Rondo’s elbows go Joe Theismann on us, not a peep.

Understand there are 11-year-old Boston fans getting ready for sixth grade who have their sports life complete with the sports quadruple of a lifetime.

I hope you know how good it is.

As Father’s Day has passed us, my old man and I discussed how our sports world sucks. He’s 53 years old and has never seen one of his teams win the big one. As he always says, “Buffalo is not the end of the world, but you can see it from there.”

I’m sure there are fans from Cleveland and Minnesota who have all-too-similar stories.

Boston, you have no idea how good you have it right now. You just had the greatest 10 years in the history of sports.

As part of the trade-off, you now have to root for the pained, the team that never wins and the cities that know more about heartbreak than success.

So enjoy it, Boston.

No fan or town may ever have a decade like this again.

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JaredTerrio 5 years, 10 months ago

Dear Luke,

It seems as though the only person complaining is you... Thanks for the congrats, we are enjoying it very much. As I was reading your article today, I was trying to figure out if I was reading a rant written on a blog by someone at 3am after a few too many cocktails. I thought to myself, “Who cares about his opinion anyways?” Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I find it very unprofessional to wish injuries on specific players and teams.

Sure we’ve had a great ten years and we’re all extremely grateful for it. But, what about the years before that? Does 1918 or 1972 mean anything to you? Boston fans do know how good they have it right now. Who are you to say that they don’t? Are you in Boston covering sports, and have you ever even been to Boston?

Your article stinks a little of jealousy and frankly leaves a terrible taste in my mouth. It may sound a little biased coming from a Boston sports fan, but I would say the same thing no matter where I was from. Talking smack with your buddies at the bar is one thing, but to publically wish or suggest injury on someone in a professional setting is another.


Bruinsgoon 5 years, 10 months ago

Hahhahaaa.... I think it's funny.....thanks Luke....I won't take any of it for granted.... My Step-Dad, (who coached fellow New Hampshireman Carlton Pudge Fisk in high school) was 74 years old before he saw the Sox win the title......but at least he got to see one......I'm now 41, and after years of swearing at refs on TV and cursing the Montreal Canadiens, multiple heart breaks and near misses, a true fan can get a little sour, but after what I witnessed last Wed. there is only a deep gratitude and pure satisfaction coursing through my veins. I truly hope all sports fans get to experience what I just did, no matter what their team. cheers


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