Hayden Town Board to reconsider disc golf course tonight

Members rejected proposal, 3-3, at June 2 meeting


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Hayden Town Council meeting

  • Thursday, June 16, 2011, 7 p.m.
  • Hayden Town Hall, Hayden, CO
  • All ages / Free


— The Hayden Town Council will consider whether to approve a memorandum of understanding with Routt County for the operation of a disc golf course at Dry Creek Park.

A vote to approve the agreement failed, 3-3, at the June 2 meeting, and the Town Council agreed to review it tonight with members of the local disc golf community present to hear council members’ concerns. Hayden Mayor Jim Haskins and council members Bill Hayden and Dallas Robinson opposed the motion.

Disc golf holes were placed by a local disc golf group on county property near the Routt County Fairgrounds, but the holes were moved without permission, which necessitated the agreement with the county.

The town and county marked the course, but the holes were not placed where they were supposed to be. That was the sticking point for Haskins, Bill Hayden and Robinson.

The course is near a wetlands mitigation area on county property that will be closed to preserve the area. If people enter the wetlands to retrieve discs, the town or the county could shut down the course.

Haskins said Wednesday that he thinks the Town Council will support the course.

“We don’t have a problem with it,” he said. “I guess what we’re disappointed in, if it was built the way it should have been, we wouldn’t need a” memorandum of understanding.

Fairgrounds Manager Jill Delay said the disc golf course has been open and there have not been any issues with people entering the wetlands, which are about 100 feet from the course. She said a hole was located 5 to 10 feet from the wetlands when it first was placed without the county’s permission.

Town Manager David Torgler said he has spoken with members of the local disc golf community who are aware of city officials’ concerns. He said some plan to attend the meeting to discuss the issues.

“The disc golf course and wetlands mitigation project, they both have great value,” he said.

Delay said the memorandum of understand needs to be approved tonight because of liability issues. She said if it’s delayed again, the course could be closed.

Also Thursday, the Town Council will consider:

■ Approving closure of Third Street in front of Hayden Town Park from 5 p.m. July 15 to 5 p.m. July 16 for Hayden Daze street events, closure of Jefferson Avenue from Third Street east to Pine Street between 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. July 16 for the Hayden Daze parade and a special event liquor license for the annual festivities.

■ Transferring the Colorado liquor license of Wolf Mountain Pizza from Stacy Magee to Charlie Epp and a temporary liquor permit from Hayden until the state approves the transfer. Epp said he hoped to reopen the restaurant Tuesday after remodeling.

■ Approving an extended agreement with the Upper Yampa River Conservancy District to store 300 acre-feet of water at the Yamcolo Reservoir. The 30-year agreement would raise the price per acre-foot to $68.38 from $27, the cost for the past 30 years. The increase was included in this year’s budget. An acre-foot is the amount of water required to cover an acre of land to a depth of 1 foot. One acre-foot equals nearly 326,000 gallons.

■ A request for $6,000 for the Hayden Heritage Center to expand the museum. Torgler said a similar request was funded in 2010 but not budgeted this year.

“Our revenues are remaining flat,” he said. “Not having it in the budget would mean the town would have to give up something else to find the money to give to them.”

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Ron Pannesi 5 years, 9 months ago

Nonsense!!! This is just that. Another poorly worded article by the Pilot - based of shady info supplied by the city/county. 1 - no baskets were moved without permission. The City of Hayden and the County had representatives there to guide ME about whole locations - thats right - they guided me. I was easy to work with and I did exactly what I was asked to do. As a matter of fact, I took the idea of design out of the way and put the basket (the only one that was moved) exactly where they were asked. 2 - Back up a moment - When the course was designed, it was through the city of Hayden. Only after the course was installed was I informed that a portion of this property was on county land. The city of Hayden did not let the county know that this was being done so the county got mad and pulled three baskets and made us wait over 4 months to discuss their new locations. In late spring we (county, city and myself) surveyed the land and chose to move one basket - # 9. Specific questions were raised by ME to the county to insure that there would be no conflict with the other basket positions. I was assured that they were fine. After all of this had occurred, I was informed that it wasnt that the wetlands were in play (except on hole 9). It was in fact that the city/county had moved the drainage and the wetland areas would need to a minimum of 2 years to regenerate before any traffic would be allowed - no problem. Again - all of this information came to me after all of the design, installation, redesign according to there changes, re installation and now re approval had taken place. This is more beaurocratic nonsense in NW Colorado. In all instances of work with the city of Steamboat Springs, the City of Hayden and Routt county, I have been given a list of things that needed to be accomplished in Rita Valentine and now Dry Creek Park. I followed the steps to the letter and spent what is now hundreds of hours of my volunteer time to make sure there was a contribution to the community. I have been lied to again by yet another governing body - not only lied to but led astray and then told that I made mistakes. City and County not giving enough information to the volunteer designer and workers then those same people get thrown under the bus by said organizations. Shame on all of you. I could go on and on, but where would that get me - absolutley nowhere. still no disc golf in Routt county and thousands of hours of volunteer work by a thriving disc golf population. Yet Steamboat, Hayden, and the county do nothing but throw up road blocks to what is a healthy sport for all ages as well as the environment. Before you bash me or the subject of disc golf - get your facts in line - my facts are sound and at the ready. p.s. dont even mention the cmc course - it isnt even recognized as legit because it doesnt have legal target - it is not a legal Disc Golf Course. Ron Pannesi


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