Lynette Weaver: Sewer lines


For two weeks now, the crews of Native Excavating, along with Atmos, have been working hard to replace our city’s old sewer lines. Talk about a dirty job! I would like to commend all of the workers, and there are many of them who have worked among all the dirt, wind, exhaust from the big machinery, the noise levels, and probably lots of complaints from those being inconvenienced.

I have a grooming shop literally right next to a whole lot of the construction taking place. My observation is that we have experienced all of the above repercussions, but we also have observed how hard these workmen work all day, every day under these conditions. Our customers have been a little unnerved by all of the commotion, but, more importantly, we would like to commend the work ethics of these people. They deserve a big thank you and our patience.

Lynette Weaver

Owner, Weaver’s Waggin’ Wash


Anne Lowe 5 years, 10 months ago

Lynette, So nice to see someone take the time to compliment the work being done and providing the workers with a thank you. I'm sure it means a great deal to them that their efforts are appreciated.


1999 5 years, 10 months ago

thanks for taking the time to write this Lynette....I agree with your observations.


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