Surf’s Up: At Home in Steamboat Springs Editor Eugene Buchanan researches new adjectives to describe this year’s runoff.

Photo by John F. Russell

Surf’s Up: At Home in Steamboat Springs Editor Eugene Buchanan researches new adjectives to describe this year’s runoff.

At Home's Eugene Buchanan: A Flood of Locals Entries


— Well, we asked for it, and we got it. No, not the largest snowfall and runoff season on record, but an equally proportionate deluge of nominations for this issue’s Locals section.

The entries poured in like snowmelt-swollen Butcherknife Creek into the Yampa River. Although the number of nominees didn’t quite match the nearly 200 mark for settled inches of snow atop Buffalo Pass this spring, they were enough for us to call a meeting of the coffee-addled minds to cull the list to something that wouldn’t give our paper supplier conniptions.

Doing so wasn’t easy. Most everyone in town deserves to be included, from grocery clerks and ranchers to ski racers and dentists. We all have interesting stories to tell about how we got here and why we’ve stayed — which don’t involve any teeth pulling at all.

But whittle the list down we did, eliminating countless Tom, Dick and Harrys alongside every Julie, Sarah and Martha. And we didn’t play favorites, eliminating people because they poached our powder line at Steamboat Ski Area. We remained unbiased, ignoring the greenbacks stuffed in with the nomination forms and judging people on what they bring to town.

While the rest of you suffered through the bleakest spring in memory, sump-pumping basements, carpet-cleaning dog prints and shoring up riverside yards, we sifted through reams of recommendations without any sand-bagging at all. We simply looked for locals whose contributions to this place we call home rise above the rest, like our river did this spring. You can find this year’s selection beginning on page 27 of At Home in Steamboat Springs, on newsstands now.

And don’t fret if you or a loved one wasn’t included in the compilation or if your nominee didn’t make the cut. Unlike reality shows, we’ll file the rest for next time. Chances are the runner-ups are as glad as we are to call the Yampa Valley home and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Besides, there’s a bright side to being omitted. You might not have a neat magazine clip to send home to Mom, but you also won’t have visitors pointing you out, saying, “Look, there’s that Local! Let’s ask her where the hot springs are.”


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