Elizabeth A. Flaharty: Cut up bags in trash to save a dog's life


— I am writing to warn puppy owners of something you never would think would be dangerous to your puppy. Last week, I had to say goodbye to my little puppy, Harley D, because she got into the trash and got out a potato chip bag. She got the bag stuck on her head and suffocated while my son was busy in another part of the house. That is one of the phone calls I dread to get.

This event was devastating for my whole family. I’m begging you to please be careful. We still have her sister, Mazerati, so we are much more careful about what we throw in the trash. We are cutting up all bags, right down to the macaroni and cheese packs and potato bags from pre-made potato dishes. This chip bag was a Poor Brother’s chips bag of medium size. Be sure to cut up all bags, regardless of size.

As we look back on this dreadful event, this is also something to be wary of with your small children. Curiosity runs rampant in puppies and small children, so we must watch carefully and keep them safe. I never would have imagined that something like this could happen. The vet told me that one of her co-vets and a friend also had this happen.

Our vets at Pet Kare Clinic were so compassionate during my loss and have helped my family through a few bad issues in the past few years. I have never seen an office so caring, they should be proud of their employees, and I want them to know how appreciated it is when you are suffering.

Please tell all your friends and family to cut up all bags of any kind before throwing them away. I wish everyone a long and happy relationship with their puppies.

Elizabeth A. Flaharty

Oak Creek


OnTheBusGus 6 years, 3 months ago

Sorry for your loss, it's always tough to lose a pet no matter how long you've had them. However, one should never leave trash where a puppy can get into it. Puppies need training but people need training too, puppy proof your house just as you would child proof your house. Prevention is the key. I'm just saying...


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