In positive step, Roberts flashes the peace sign



Jon Roberts

— Doctors, friends and family of Steamboat Springs City Manager Jon Roberts considered Saturday a very good day in his recovery from a skiing accident last weekend.

“They said, ‘Jon, make a peace sign,’ and he made a peace sign,” said Steamboat Springs Deputy City Manager Wendy DuBord, who had spoken with Roberts’ wife, LeAnn, on Saturday.

DuBord said the gesture was another sign that Roberts is continuing to improve neurologically.

“They also say, ‘Jon, can you give us a smile?’ and he gives a smile,” DuBord said.

Roberts also is opening his eyes more frequently.

It still is unclear when Roberts might be moved from the intensive care unit at Denver Health medical center. He has been there since the ski accident at Steamboat Ski Area a week ago, the circumstances of which are unknown. More details may become available Monday after a Steamboat Springs Police Department investigator reviews a report expected from Steamboat Ski Patrol.

Officials said there is no evidence Roberts was involved in a collision. He was found unconscious on the flat area below the intermediate Sitz ski run early Sunday afternoon. The ski run is below the Christie Peak Express lift and above the expert See Me and See Ya runs.


richard raymond 6 years, 2 months ago

SS can expect more of these accidents until they increase enforcement efforts on the slopes to keep skiers under control. My wife and I were both hit by "speeders" last week. A few inches one way or the other, and we might have had family celebrating that Mom or Dad "flashes the peace sign". I know we are in an economic crunch, but something must be done before SS develops a reputation as the most dangerous resort to ski at.


callguinness 6 years, 2 months ago

Glad to hear Jon is improving hope is outcome is a positive one.


What part of "there is no evidence Roberts was involved in a collision" did you not understand.

Are you suggesting that if a skier goes fast, falls by themselves and gets hurt, that the ski area should be responsible? This is a still a gravity sport and always will be. When you play with gravity sooner or later you fall.


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