Steamboat's Winter Sports Club qualifies 12 for Junior Olympics


— The Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club qualified 12 J3 Alpine skiers for the March 6 to 12 Junior Olympics in Aspen.

The J3 group competed in its last Junior Olympic qualifier over the weekend in Winter Park.

Those qualifying for the Junior Olympics were Serena Kidd, Chandler Sedberry, Ellese Lupori, Kenzie Gansmann, Sky Kelsey, Devin Dejong, Zak Kjos, David Kidd, Nate Bowman, Jesse Laughlin, Zach Rosa and Willy Gunn.

In Winter Park, Serena Kidd won the first slalom by more than a second. Sedberry was third, Lupori was eighth, Gansmann was 22nd and Marnie Buckley was 33rd.

Kelsey was second in the first men’s slalom, with David Kidd 15th, Bowman 16th, Rosa 20th, Laughlin 22nd, Gunn 23rd, Danny Kramer 48th and Parker Temple 66th.

Serena Kidd also won the second slalom. On the boys’ side, Kelsey was the top finisher in sixth.

In the girls first giant slalom, Sedberry was seventh with Gansmann 17th. Kelsey led the men in the first giant slalom with a 13th-place finish.

Serena Kidd finished second in the second women’s giant slalom with Sedberry sixth.

In the second men’s giant slalom, Dejong was second, and Kelsey was eighth.


Carrie Requist 6 years, 2 months ago

It would be helpful to know what discipline you are talking about. From the two clues of Slalom and Giant Slalom, I am going to guess that this is alpine. Winter Sports Club has a lot of disciplines that each have their own Junior Olympics. For example, the Nordic Combined JOs are happening this week in CT.


JustSomeJoe 6 years, 2 months ago

Perhaps the first clue is the word alpine in the first sentence.


Carrie Requist 6 years, 2 months ago

It is changed from the print version then. And the headline needs alpine.


Blythe Terrell 6 years, 2 months ago

Thanks, Carrie. We saw your original post and did update the online version. We appreciate the catch. Blythe Terrell City Editor 970-871-4234


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